The best way to install the mobile home skirting lowes

mobile home skirting lowes is located at the bottom of the structure and extends to the ground. Plinth serves multiple functions, including preventing animals from crawling under the mobile home and improving the overall appearance of the exterior.

Baseboard is available in a wide variety of materials such as metal and vinyl, as well as standard metallic and white colours to match the decor of the mobile home.

Instructions to mobile home skirting lowes

Walk to one side of the mobile home and measure up to 4 inches from the base with a tape measure. Place the end of a chalk line right side up and have a helper stretch to the other end of the house. Draw the chalk line. Repeat on all sides of the mobile home.

Put a J channel track on top of the chalk line and secure it by inserting 3 1/2 inch galvanized screws into each of the screw holes with an electric drill.

  • Pound a wooden stake in the ground at each of the four corners of the mobile home. Tie a rope around one stake and stretch it around the other three until you reach the starting location. Adjust the chain up or down with a level to make sure it is the same height around the entire perimeter of the mobile home.
  • Install treated 2-by-4 inch boards on the ground directly under the perimeter of the mobile home. Secure the planks to the four corners of the mobile home with 3 1/2 inch galvanized screws angled through the planks.

Pound wooden stakes into the ground directly behind the plates every 4 to 6 feet with the hammer. Lift the boards up to 1 inch and screw them to the stakes with 3 1/2 inch galvanized screws. Install the bottom rail for the plinth on top of the wood plank with screws.

Dig a 6 inch deep trench around the perimeter of the mobile home on the outside of the wooden rooms, making it about 5 inches wide. Fill the bottom of the trench with 2 inches of fine gravel.

Put on safety glasses and cut the galvanized metal sheets until they are the same height as the distance from the ground to the bottom of the mobile home. Use a circular saw fitted with a fine tooth saw blade laid upside down

  • Install the toe kick by snapping under the J-rail located on the lower edge of the mobile home. Secure the top of the plinth to the motorhome and to the wooden bottom rail with screws spaced every 4 to 6 inches. Continue this procedure to install the baseboard all around the mobile home.

Fill the trench with additional pea gravel until it reaches the soil surface.

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Tips and Warnings

  • Vinyl baseboard often has the tabs that engage together along the sides and top.
  • To install the plinths in the corners, install two panels that perfectly match the angle and cover with a strip from the corner. You can also cut a 1 inch long notch at the top and bottom of the panel where the corner is with tin snips. The notches allow the plinth to be bent around the corner.

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