The 20 Most Sensible Business Ideas

We will present very good exemplary ideas to those who are doing research on what I can do. We have prepared an article that should be read by those who want to start their own business . Of course, these ideas will not be limited to the business ideas we will talk about. Entrepreneurial people should read a lot of articles like this. You should read all kinds of business ideas imaginable and you should choose the one that suits you best.

The more ideas we read, the more new ideas can arise in our minds. There is no need to do something that already exists. Maybe while reading an article about a business idea, a business idea that we never thought of may come to mind. For this reason, as we mentioned above, the more articles you read about these issues, the better it will be for you.

We say again that you should not be limited to the ideas we will present to you in our business ideas research. There are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of business ideas in the world. The more business you have, the more the business idea you intend to establish will be shaped. Without further ado, we present to you the ideas we have prepared!

1- E-Commerce business ideas

Whenever I talk about a business idea, especially if I talk about the future, I always include the idea of ​​e-commerce in the first place. I think it is among the top 5 business ideas of the future. If you ask why you think so; Now, shopping has completely shifted to the internet sector. I present to you a little research I found on the internet:

“Internet shopping is becoming more common. 

The rate of individuals in the 16-74 age group who ordered or purchased goods or services for personal use on the Internet was 34.1 percent between April last year and March this year. This rate was recorded as 29.3 percent in the previous period.”

The rates mentioned in this news for 2019 have increased a bit more with 2021. With the year 2022, these rates will come up one click and see 40-45 ratios. Internet usage is now spreading all over the world. People find it easier to order instantly by doing research on their computer or phone instead of shopping malls and buying something. Don’t we usually shop online?

In order to do e-commerce, we need to determine what steps we need to follow beforehand. First of all, we must determine in which area we will sell products. Then, if we follow some steps completely, success will be an inevitable end over time. For those who are more curious about the subject, we explained in detail ” How to Earn Money by E-Commerce? You should take a look at our article.


2- Youtube business ideas

We are talking about a job that has been very popular in the last couple of years; Making money from youtube. It has been on the agenda a lot lately, and many people have become aware of Youtube. As they saw people who became rich thanks to Youtube, people began to wonder how to make money with this business.

It may be possible to generate really good amounts of income through Youtube. Of course, for this, it is necessary to be successful in this field. Since it has been on the agenda a lot lately, a lot of people have started to get into this business. Competition has risen. It will still remain one of the best money-making systems for years to come. Those who are more curious about this subject and want to learn the details ” How to Earn Money from Youtube? You can take a look at our article.


3- Chicken breeding business ideas

If you’ve bought chicken recently, you’re well aware of how high the prices are. Even we know that the chicken we bought for 10 TL a kilo a year or two ago was around 20 TL in these periods. We should not look at it only as a chicken and we can evaluate this situation as an egg. Likewise, the cost of eggs is increasing day by day.

With a beautiful chicken farm that can be established, income can be obtained from both chickens and eggs. Of course, a choice has to be made here. Chicken farms usually either sell the egg or the chicken itself. It’s hard to do both together.

Considering the increase in chicken consumption, this business idea seems to be profitable in the coming years. The high prices of meat have led people to chicken as an alternative. If you are more curious about this subject, you can take a look at our article ” Establishing a Chicken Farm “.


4- Opening a boutique business ideas

Boutique shops have become very popular lately. By advertising a boutique shop you will open on social media, you can both sell from the normal environment and increase your sales by taking orders over social media.

Even the shops are now making most of their sales through social media. Especially during the virus process, people do not prefer to go to shopping malls, so they place their orders over the virtual environment.


5- Opening a car wash business ideas

It is obvious how much interest in cars has increased. As this was the case, people began to value their cars more. People, who are very interested in the cleaning of the car and any of its problems, also attach great importance to exterior and interior cleaning.

The car wash, which will be opened in a beautiful place, does not have the possibility of not doing business if the prices are also affordable. If you have car washes around, you must have seen how busy they are. Car wash prices vary according to the type of washing.


6- Establishing an animal farm 

Animal prices are also increasing rapidly. The average price of a normal-sized cow slaughtered during Eid al-Adha varies between 7.10 thousand TL.

Dairy products can also be sold in the farm to be opened. The price of 1 liter of natural milk can vary between 3 and 6 TL. If there is a natural environment where you can look after the animals, you will not have to spend a lot of money on food. In this case, the amount you spend will decrease.


7- Opening a cafe business ideas

The idea of ​​opening a cafe seems to be popular in the coming years as it has been one of the most popular businesses for the last 15, 20 years. People love to spend time in cafe-style places.

There are many factors for the cafe to be successful. Not every cafe has something to make money. From the place you open to the concept of the cafe, many important factors are very important steps to be successful in this business.

In general, when people have such a thought, instead of opening a cafe from scratch, they think of entering this business by taking the dealership of a cafe. When you enter by buying a dealership, many things are already ready. Of course, most companies charge you a fee to get dealership. Those who are more curious about this subject ” Opening a Cafe, How to Open a Cafe? You can take a look at our article.


8- Opening an entertainment venue (Bar)

Entertainment venues are one of the most preferred venues. Especially the venues opened in the style of live music are highly preferred. After such venues expand their business, they bring famous names to their venues and have stage performances. In this way, they both announce their names more and the number of their customers increases.

In order to be successful in such a place, the concept of the place and the location of the place are very important. It should be an easy-to-reach place and should be located in areas with high human traffic.


9- Opening a photographer’s shop business ideas

The photography profession is one of the professions that is not on the agenda but makes good money. There is no end to weddings, circumcisions or other entertainments. Therefore, there can be no reduction in the work of photographers.

Especially at weddings, photographers can get nice amounts. If you are good at your job, it becomes even more preferable and you can increase your earnings.


10- Opening a beauty center business ideas

Women are increasing their attention to themselves day by day. The service audience of beauty centers is not only women. Recently, men have been going to such centers to have themselves taken care of.

People have become more and more concerned about looking beautiful. It is obvious that looking beautiful has many effects on a person. The most important thing is to increase one’s self-confidence. When this is the case, people fall into the race to look beautiful. Interest in beauty centers has increased. Of course, the doctor you will work here is a very important factor. You have to work with people who understand these things.


11- Video editor business ideas

Social media is also involved in many of the works I mentioned above. Especially in sectors such as e-commerce and Youtube, video usage is very high. Thus, the need for people to edit these videos has increased.

Video editing is used not only on such platforms, but also on television. If you can be a good editor, you can work in the background of TV series or programs. People who are good at editing make very good money. It is imperative that you learn programs such as Adobe Premiere and Edius very well. It’s not just about these programs. You need to have knowledge of many similar programs.


12- Opening a casting agency business ideas

Casting agencies, which provide support to the TV series and television industry with little or no speech other than the main actors, have been making incredible money recently. This job, which is one of the most unknown jobs, is one of the jobs that will bring the most profit in the future sector.

Series or movie shootings have increased a lot lately. We all know people who play in TV shows or movies and portray a character. But apart from these, there are many people who play to make that scene look natural. For example, people walking around, other people sitting in a cafe, or other people filling buses. These people are also taken to these shootings thanks to the casting agencies.

If these people playing in the background get 100 TL per day in order to make the environment look natural, the casting agency takes 200 TL from the producer of the movie or series for this person. He gives 100 TL to that person and takes 100 TL for himself. A good casting agency directs thousands of people to this kind of work a day. To be a good casting agency, you must first open a place in Istanbul. It is not possible to earn money with this kind of work in other cities. Even in Ankara and İzmir, such jobs are not popular. Although Ankara is the second most populous city after Istanbul, it cannot host many TV series or movies.


13- Being a software developer business ideas

In the future, the need for software will increase as many things turn to virtual platforms. Even today, a good software developer makes a lot of money. If you are interested in software, you can improve yourself in this area.

Interest in things like mobile apps, mobile games, computer apps or computer games has grown tremendously. Many software developers are working in the background of these works. Programmers get a big share from this kind of work.


14- Opening a barber shop business ideas

This job is divided into two as a male or female hairdresser. Women’s hairdressers earn much more than men’s hairdressers. Although the frequency of women coming to the hairdresser is higher, the fees demanded for the procedures are also much higher than the men’s hairdresser.

Even a simple hair dye can cost at least 100 TL. A person who goes to a men’s hairdresser will pay 30, 40 TL when he gets a haircut. For this reason, the idea of ​​opening a women’s hairdresser may make more sense, but men’s hairdressers can earn good amounts of money if they do well. Those who are curious about this job in more detail ” Opening a Women’s Hairdresser: How to Open? ” and ” How to Open a Men’s Hairdresser? You can browse our articles.


15- Opening a natural (organic) products shop business ideas

When doctors talk about what can be done against many diseases, they talk about many organic products. If we consider that most products are obtained artificially today, it has become a bit difficult to reach natural products.

We know that natural products are good for many diseases. People are also looking for natural solutions to their diseases. When this is the case, the interest in places selling natural products has also increased. If you are thinking of opening a shop where natural products will be sold, you should first decide which categories of products you will sell and then research where you can obtain these products.


16- Opening a second hand shop business ideas

Due to the increase in the prices of new products, people turned to the second hand of such products. You can open a shop where you will sell 2nd hands in bulk. You should promote the products not only in the shop, but also by opening social media accounts. This will increase your sales.

After you open a second-hand shop, you need to add a profit rate to the products you will supply and sell them. You need to actively use addresses such as Letgo or in order to procure the products appropriately. You should be the first to be informed about the advertisements published appropriately and receive them. Otherwise, others will buy these products before you.


17- Opening a car repair shop 

Interest in cars is increasing day by day. The number of cars is also increasing unbelievably. Since people do not prefer to use public transportation due to the virus, there has been a great increase in vehicle sales. Since vehicles are also man-made, many problems can occur over time.

To open a car repair shop, you don’t have to understand cars. You can be the owner of the business and employ a master for a salary. The owner of every car repair place in seconds is not the master working there. The master you will employ here is very important. The master must be very good at his job and have high communication skills so that the incoming customer is satisfied and recommends you to others.


18- Opening a doner shop 

Doner is one of the most preferred food types of Turkish people. When we spend time outside and get hungry, many of us prefer to eat doner kebab. In order to earn good money in this kind of work, it is necessary to open a shop in places with good human traffic.

This is not done by just opening to places where human traffic is good. Home orders are of great importance for such shops.


19- Opening a patisserie 

By opening a pastry shop, you should increase the variety by selling not only cake-style products, but also pastry and bread-style products. As diversity increases, your customer base will also expand. All these are factors that will increase your income. Before opening a patisserie, you must decide whether you will produce the cakes yourself or whether you will buy them from a manufacturer.

Then you do not complete the operations such as shop location research, shop name research. You can also get the franchise of a dealer or you can enter this sector by creating a name from scratch. Cakes are especially popular for birthdays. The lowest price for a normal size cake is around 50 TL.


20- Opening a gym 

People started to pay more attention to their health. Because we understand the importance of health better with the strange diseases that we come across with each passing day. It is clear that the body’s resistance to all kinds of diseases is good. The best way to increase body resistance is to exercise.

The number of gyms has increased a lot in recent years. Factors such as the size of the hall, the sports instructors to work, and the innovation of the sports equipment are very important for the gyms. In addition, when you keep the prices a little affordable, your customer will definitely increase over time. Those who are more curious about this subject and want to learn the details of the job ” How to Open a Gym? You can take a look at our article.



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