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What is link reclamation and how to regain lost link value?

Link reclamation is a process of searching and fixing out the broken link pointed at your website, it also finds tags of your brand online and asks the publisher to change it into a link. They also re’ move all broken links that aren’t giving an efficient value as they could. These tags come in all shapes and sizes of your brand. They link it on your site from internally or externally pages by using their sites.

Backlinks play a crucial role in both SEO purposes and your online presence. On the other side, developing backlinks is very hard and frustrating, and losing a single hard-earned can be stressful to inbound the link.

Link reclamation is an act that helps to find out your lost and broken links and taking strict steps to fix in reclaiming them. It can be lost in many ways like the webmaster erases the link and the linking page of your website. It’s an effort to reclaim lost backlinks; it can be lost by different reasons which need different actions as well.

Some reasons are responsible for losing the links are:

  • The source site removes your link: Your page can be removed by page’s owner for so many reasons like when they think that the other contents are more relevant than yours.
  • The source page no longer exists: when the page or your web is outdated or used by the owner is removed from the site. On this, we mostly get a 404 error when we try to open the page by giving links.
  • The linking page is redirected: The page is separated permanently as well as a move to a new URL so that the link profile got messed up plus receives a 301 error code in these cases.
  • The source page is no longer indexed by Google: In the case, when the page got penalized by Google, the backlinks are always there technically but now the value became decreased.

How to Reclaim Lost Links

  • Finding Broken Internal Links: It helps to fix internal links and brings a crucial step towards optimizing your site’s usability. It’s the initial step in bringing the link reclamation process. You have the only option to find out your broken links on your site is to use paid tools like Ahrefs site explorer and deep crawl. These are very beneficial apps that help you to recover and also you have a choice to use the absolutely free tool like Google. The SEO spider has up to 500 URLs in crawling with the free version. If you have s significant site to crawl then you can also pay it to upgrade.
  • Fixing Broken Internal Links: The next step is to fix your broken links are to visits each page on your site with broken links. It will update your URLs and replace your outdated links. One thing you should keep in mind that you have to erase the entire or whole link if you discover an old link that can’t be adjusted or a link that was neglected throughout a web redesign.
  • Finding Lost External Backlinks: The next step is that finding lost or broken backlinks of your site after cleaning up your broken links on your own site. It’s because you don’t have any control over your external links. You can use our tools to find out broken backlinks like majestic and free backlinks checker from SEO review tools. You can see almost 100 broken backlinks to your site from SEO review tools. Through this trick, you can reclaim those first 100 backlinks and also rerun the report for another 100 backlinks.
  • Reclaiming Lost External Backlinks: Now all you have the list of your broken backlinks and you can reach out to the owners of the site by giving them the correct links to your website. They will appreciate it after hearing this from you and it will be glad to update their page with the correct URL which will help to the after. It also helps you to build your backlinks profile without building brand new links.


Finding out the list backlinks, it’s important to prepare the phase depending on the size and age of your website. It can be very big in which you might create a spreadsheet listing the location of your lost link, old and new URL of the source site with anchor text. Initially, you need a backlinks analytics tool to assist you with popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz pro among them some analytic features are included. It helps you to find out your lost links report. In most cases, reclaiming lost links is easier and most cost-effective than building a brand new link. Through this reclamation process, you want to allocate or get some of your time and link building resources.

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