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Which Jobs most likely to be automated?

Which Jobs most likely to be automated? You might be getting this question over and over. In this post, I will explain what types of jobs are more resistant to automation and why.

Learn which jobs are safe from ai, which means jobs that will never disappear. And you will get the whole idea of those jobs that will never fade.

If you know about jobs most likely to be automated, you can think of an alternative option. And you will save your survival.

You will have little advantage of knowing jobs at risk of automation. Somehow you can predict the situation, and you will win over it. 

Let’s get started,

In this era, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have advanced. In the upcoming time, the requirement of labor will almost finish in certain types of jobs. 

Some of the tech experts are saying that following Jobs most likely to be automated by 2030 so that this will be a really dangerous situation for human employment.

Because almost in most of the cases, robots will take the place of a human. Robots will do the same job 10x better than humans without any error.

So this advancement is likely to affect many jobs and as a result survival of the ordinary people. So now it peoples’ responsibility to protect themselves by learning a new skill.

That new skill only makes them survive in the upcoming “Era of Robots.”


Jobs most likely to be automated

Following, I have listed some jobs which are likely to be automated due to the entry of AI and machine learning.

Delivery Services

In this field, you can just imagine that drones have already tested. And then, package delivery can be easily optimized through automation.

In the future, it is a possibility that a self-driving truck might get created. Automation is perfect for the action which is happening repetitively.

Packaging delivery services can be automated through the latest technology.

Anything that can be learned

This will happen in the next 10 years. Any task which must be learned and then applied. Now in this advancement task is going to learn by the machine itself automatically.

And then, that machine applies all the new programs and updates automatically. This machine will take the necessary action automatically. 

Self-driven trucks

This is going to come in the next 10 years. Just because of AI and machine learning, it is possible to create self-driven trucks.

Yes! You heard me right.

Automated self-driven truck. I think you might have a tesla car which is almost made self-automated. Elon musk, who is a real-world iron man, made it possible to create self-driven cars.

So it’s not hard to create self-driven trucks and avoid the risk of this heavyweight driving. 

Automated Food Service

This has just started to happen. Now in the next upcoming years, definitely fast food services will be created. So that if you just touch a screen of your mobile and order something.

Then that food will be available right at your door within no time with the help of drones. I think Amazon also started their journey with the help of drones. 

In hotels and some of the food centers, this is going to happen. Robots will operate a complete hotel, and only a few people will be available to watch the overall operation.

Outbound sales job


Most of the salespeople feel a little weird about making some cold calls and talking live with the customers. Sometimes this conversation leads to annoying conversations for both customers as well as sales people.

In the next 10 years, this is going to be done by AI bots. Let me explain how it goes. Firstly, AI bot will make conversation with a customer over an email.

Then after converting that outbound mail into inbound mail, it will handle the further sale people. Now that job will be easier because the customer already knows with whom he is talking.

Banking services

Most of the jobs related to banking services are likely to be automated, such as bank tellers and bank cashiers. As you see right now, lots of services are almost becoming automated.

 If you talk about current, some services such as ATM and checkout kiosk will be the best example for self-services.

Exactly like that, bank cashiers and bank tellers can be automated using AI and machine learning as they need creativity and problem-solving ability. And it can easily be created by AI.

The pharmaceutical lab works automation jobs.

This sector is currently dominated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lots of tasks can be automated, such as picking up the right ingredients and mixing them with accurate proportions.

Even this can give better suggestions as per previous data available. As a result, pharmaceutical drugs discover speed will increase considerably.

Local TV Ads

Now Netflix and digital ads are taking place. All these services are made available to the people at an affordable price. AI and machine learning, enhancing user experience.

Enhancing user experience means showing the user what exactly he wants. 

Let me give an example; You may have noticed that once you go on youtube and see some videos. Suppose you have watched videos on technology.

Then it will be recorded by AI that you like technology related videos so that whenever you open youtube, you will see the technology-related video. This is the power of AI.

Manufacturing and warehouse jobs

Manufacturing and warehouse Jobs most likely to be automated. Because AI-powered robots can do the same work with the highest precision and faster than man.

In the next 10 years, the manufacturing industry will get dominated by this artificial intelligence (AI). 


Above are the jobs most likely to be automated. So that if you belong in that category, then you should be looking for new skills. Lots of new skills are out there which have evergreen on high demands. 

Time is changing fastly. And if you don’t want to change with time, then time will push you so hard and run ahead. So that better you cope with the time and decide what to learn right now.

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