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How Technology Can Help Create a Luxury Experience (2020)

Technology use

In these times of change, consumers seek luxury at multiple points of contact. It is from e-commerce channels to online stores and multi-brand stores.

There was once a feeling of luxury around the value of aspiration. 

However, with the change of times, luxury is no longer focused on the product. 

Consumers of the new era aspire not just own the product. However, it holds the experience exclusivity. 

Indeed, the aura that is created around the product.

In the retail sector, the luxury segment in Asia has become competitive.

As each market has to be widely exploited.

 Each brand must create a personalized experience and attract the public. 

It is not attractive for everyone, but for someone who seeks exclusivity. 

Brand communication focuses on creation.

 An aura, a personality that will bring a call to aspiration and not just emotional.

The days when consumers sought luxury in the store are over. 

Traditional marketing focused on creating the best experiences. 

However, only at the retail level in the store. 

However, with changing times, consumers seek luxury at multiple points of contact. 

It includes e-commerce channels, online stores or even several brands.

How buyers value luxury gives importance to digital experiences. 

It undoubtedly plays a crucial role.

 This is an exciting time for brands.

 As the technological revolution and automation offer the opportunity to buy through multiple channels. Indeed, get a better understanding of the customer.

 Today, a purchase is more erudite, guided by technology in all its aspects.

Technology, in general, has raised the standard for the customer experience in the luxury retail sector. Technology and luxury have become a disruptive combination in the industry.


By noting this change, brands are integrating technological trends into their communication channels promptly. 

It’s combining consumers with the same spirit and creating engaging digital experiences.

Some of the notable trends to consider are the use of applications for customer engagement, which not only allows brands to have a more personalized approach but also allows them to measure consumer engagement using a system of analysis. 

And close the gap and ensure greater visibility. Brands can get the most value, be more interactive and attractive. 

The next trend is for chatbots, which satisfy the needs of conversational marketing. The introduction of chatbots has allowed brands to interact directly and proactively with consumers to develop closer relationships with them.

Ultimately, one of the most crucial aspects of luxury in retail is creating an unprecedented shopping experience. It is not only the ease to buy products, but the key is also the personality of the product. 

It is the luxury experience that will last forever.

To match the same experience, most luxury brands are trying to create the best environment in their category in the store for any reason, be it marketing for buyers, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IOT trends or mobile applications. 

The final result is to take advantage of the meaning of technology in planning and marketing programs, taking into account the preferences and needs of consumers.

Technology use

Luxury marketing has its own language. Technology opens the doors to luxury brands to create these elements for their audience in an omnichannel environment.

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