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Leaving A Job After 3 Months? Deal it smarter way!

Are you Leaving A Job After 3 Months? I know this may sound like a tough decision. Believe me, and I have gone through this situation too. So I can better guide you on how to handle this.

I was thinking about leaving a job after 3 months. My family thought I became mad. My job was good, and I was getting a good pay scale also. 

In this post, I am going to share my personal experience, how I handled this situation in my life so that you will have a clear picture.

In this post, you will learn how to explain leaving a job after a short time. So just relax and have fresh breath let this breath go deep inside you and relieve stress out of your body.


Make sure you have your personal contact data.

It may seem foolish to tell you this. However, it is an extremely important thing to remember. A lot of inconveniences I had to face just because I had used work contact numbers everywhere.

I remember what had happened. I had a lot of facilities in the company. Facilities such as free calling balance and free internet.

So that what I used to do is, I used to call my personal contacts with this work contact itself. Eventually, everyone saved that work as mine and when I decided, leaving a job after 3 months.

Then I had to submit my work contact numbers as I had made my linked in account also by the company’s mail Id. So I needed to change it as soon as possible.

Basically, What I had learned the hard way is I should’ve used my personal contact details whenever I had to make personal contacts.

I had to learn this lesson hard way so that I recommend you not to repeat this mistake. Even if you are leaving a job after 3 months. You have an ample amount of time to update all your personal details.

If possible, buy a brand new personal contact number and make sure to create your own new Gmail ID. And update this to all of your social media platforms. I am especially talking about LinkedIn. 

If you do this, then if any potential employer wants you to work for him, then he will contact you personally and suppose you have not updated your contact details such as mobile number, email Id.

Then you will miss this opportunity, and you will regret this as I did back in 2015. So I highly recommend you to do this first.


Start using LinkedIn Enthusiastically.

It is not necessary to announce that you are actively looking for a job on LinkedIn. 

Ask me why?

Because your current employer must be using LinkedIn and if you are leaving a job after 3 months, and you are shouting on LinkedIn in advance.

Then it may create trouble for you in an existing company. In extreme circumstances, it may lead you to get fire from the company also.

Because as you are announcing that you are actively seeking a job change. And it will show to your Boss that you are not happy with the current one.

If you leave the company, then it is very important to handle your workload. Instead of messing up things, your Boss may release the order of hiring someone new for your position.

You’d decided, leaving a job after 3 months, what if you changed your mind and didn’t get the new job immediately. As a result, nothing will be left in your hand.

You have lost your Boss’s confidence in you. Think about it neatly. Being active on LinkedIn in a sense finds out employers in your domain and notify them you are looking for a job change.

You have that much work experience if you have worked previously. Maybe you should contact HR of your domain and notify them. 

You can try to build good connections and tell them to notify you when there is a spot for you in their company.

Find all possible employers and take them down on the notepad.

It is absolutely important to find out all possible company lists and have a handy name of the employer of any hiring authority and their mail id. 

It will help you to get a new job. As you will have the complete list of the new possible companies where you can approach, then you will start contacting them through formal emails.

Try to approach your current Boss.

I had done literally severely. I resigned like on WhatsUp. It was not professional at all. What happened suddenly, I felt really miserable for myself.

By seeing what I am doing right now! So I feel really angry at myself, and I decided to quit that junior Engineer job within a moment.

I came back to my room, and I packed my luggage, and I told my roommate that I am leaving the job. He was shocked by how fast I could make the decision.

Then I returned to my home after completing a three and a half an hour journey. And What I did was I opened my WhatsApp, and I typed my msg that I am not coming again. And bye forever! 

It was so informal. After several days I realized my mistake. It should have ended that way. So that’s why I am saying that while leaving a job after 3 months you should meet a boss in person.

And discuss the things and tell him that you are resigning formally without exploding your emotions on your Boss. 

Some other actions you can take while leaving a job after 3 months

  • Give enough days notice period.
  • You should be honest and don’t get emotional.
  • Have a formal resignation letter
  • Try to have a look at your level papers
  • Tell your co-worker after your final decision.
  • Try to have some side income


If you are thinking about leaving a job after 3 months, then I hope this post will help you to do the right stuff at the right time. So that you will not mess up a thing as I did. 

Finally, I suggest you be calm and give yourself some time to breathe then look for a brand new opportunity. Sometimes it will be best to grab a new opportunity first and then Fire your Boss.

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