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How to Deal With a Bully Boss (2020)

bully BOSS

Bully boss is an entirely typical human being that we all face in our company. Imagine that you have an excellent idea for a project to solve a company problem or to innovate. 

But your bully boss refuses to listen to it, closes the doors or takes months without giving him the green light. 

This is a very common situation in the workplace since many people say that bully boss is the main obstacle to executing the best ideas.

 If this is your case, the entrepreneur Vineet Nayar offers you some solutions, according to the type of bully boss you have:

The Indecisive Bully Boss:

Leaders have undecided for many reasons (perfectionism, fear of the unknown, preference to play it safe) but regardless of the cause, collaborators often hate this style.

 Because a wrong decision can be corrected, but refusing to choose can be fatal. If you have a bully boss like this, try these methods: 


Instead of coming up with the problem and waiting for a solution, involve your bully boss in defining the problem. By asking questions and thinking about the situation, you will feel more comfortable deciding something. 

Force the first step

 divide the topic into several smaller parts and ask your bully boss to solve only the first one, so you can start working. Then, take the next step and so on until the situation is resolved.


 Join your team to have an informal and candid conversation with the bully boss, in which they explain how their indecision is affecting them. The pressure of determined people often leads indecisive leaders to act.

The Insecure Bully Boss

Managers must push their team, not compete with their members, but this is not always true; there are bully bosses who inhibit the ideas and talent of their subordinates because they feel threatened. If this is your situation, try these approaches: 

  1. Be transparent: those who are insecure fear the unknown and assume what they do not know. The antidote is to create trust through transparency. Although it may seem difficult or unnecessary, share as much information as you can. 
  2. Appreciate the positive: insecurity tends to be rooted in low self-esteem, so try to focus on your bully boss’s strongest areas and not your weaknesses.

The Wise-Guy Bully Boss

Some executives believe that they know everything, that they have the smartest people in the office and that only they are interested in success. Therefore, they also think that without them, nothing would be possible. These leaders are not incompetent, but their collaborators want them to listen more and be more inclusive. Here’s how to do it: 

Let me discover your ideas

a leader of this type will question your ideas and challenge them if you present them as a fact, but if you ask for help to develop it or you are not sure how they can work, you will quickly from your side. 

 Let Me Discover The Reality

Many of us feel that it is our job to “fix” the bosses who fail, or that senior management has to intervene.

 But in reality, there are only two options, keep waiting for someone to fix the imperfect leader or find a way to do things for ourselves. 

If you take things in your hands, even in small ways, you will make sure to avoid the inertia of your bully boss.

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