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Simple tricks to help improve your financial situation in 2019

Over the past year, many benefits have become higher. Profit remains in its place, and the cost of services and goods inexorably increases. Surely you, like all normal people, despite the global crisis, would like to feel an improvement in personal finances. If so, then you should reconsider your view on finances in general and raise your standard of living, even with your current income.

In addition, the beginning of the year is a great time for the implementation of the plan and, taking into account financial advice, you can ride your financial problems and take the reins of wealth into your own hands.

Start investing

Only half of the population regularly saves money for the future. Are you still not doing this? Then answer yourself the question: “why?”. Most likely due to the fact that you have little money? Surely they will not be more in a year, two or even ten, if you do not change your view on investments. By sacrificing even a small amount of each salary, you will begin to notice how your savings increase. If it’s difficult to risk, start small, for example, create a special deposit that will accumulate money, rounding the amount from your debit card daily

In addition to personal investment, think about descendants. Explain to your child why investing money is important. Imagine if your child starts saving today from his pocket money. In ten years already, a son or a daughter will have decent savings, help the child in this matter in order to help become secure in the future.

Refuse cash

When in your wallet are paper banknotes, you sometimes, even reluctantly, make rash purchases. More often then you don’t even remember what you spent the money on. When you pay with a plastic card, it is easier for you to track all your expenses. This way you can catch unnecessary purchases and exclude them from your life in the future. In addition, according to research, people who use only plastic, and not cash, spend less.

Stop paying for everything

People, due to lack of free time, often hire third-party specialists to get these or other services. For example, cleaning the territory of a private house, raking snow, cleaning the pool. Most of the work can be done independently or entrust the kids.

By the way, children can be motivated with money, but this amount will still be significantly less than you give to outside workers.

Take a pause in help

Charity is a great thing. But if in one of the months you have financial difficulties, you can without remorse of conscience, allow yourself to transfer this mission. Those in need will still receive help, not from you, but from others. But if you sacrifice yourself, there is a risk of becoming as unsecured.

Set realistic goals

To save money and help save money, you need to motivate yourself. Collecting money just like that, no one knows what – it is not interesting. But if you get envelopes or deposits with inscriptions, what you are collecting these financial resources for is another matter. For example: “to rest”, “to study a child”, “to an apartment”, then it will be interesting for you to save money, and you will understand why you are abandoning the usual rhythm of spending.

These manipulations will help speed up the process of realizing dreams and motivate you in the best possible way. Do you believe in your own success?

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