Ideas for Investing Money in a Profitable Way

About what to invest today?

Many people ask this question on looking for ideas to Investing Money in a profitable and secure way. The topic from different points of view: both from an entrepreneurial point of view and from a financial point of view. On these pages I try to say mine, evaluating all the best investments that can be made by savers who want to protect their assets or want to make it grow.

Over the last few years, I have written thousands of articles that you find in the investment section and I have created a course with my method to invest already bought by hundreds of readers.

If you have a nest egg aside and you are wondering how and where to invest it, you are in the right place because in the following article you will find a series of useful references to manage your finances.

Investing Money Very often it is long and complex reasoning for which I suggest you save this page in the “favourites” so you can analyse everything calmly.

We now enter the merit of the article: we see 8 ideas and an endless series of free insights for your financial growth.

1. First of all define your goals for Investing Money

I know that you are approaching investment thinking immediately about the products. If you allow me some advice, I think this approach is very dangerous for you because individual products are just tools to achieve your goals and not the ultimate goal of your investment.

In recent years I have written thousands of articles about investments and I have made hundreds of hours of video and podcast on the subject: I thought about preparing a short quiz with which you can find out what content is most useful for you based on your preferences.

I advise you to do this so that I can guide you to the resources best suited to you.

2. Bank and Post are still good for the protection of savings?

The traditional way of deposit accounts or savings accounts is the one that is currently less profitable. The rates are now at historic lows due to the ECB’s maneuvers and credit institutions are not always able to adapt to these changes that have characterised the market of accounts and deposits for many years, with rare exceptions.

To be aware of this, you can see the  interest rates offered in this phase yourself  or you can go into more detail with my thoughts on postal investments

3. Social Trading: Inspired by the Best for Investing Money

When it comes to online trading you have to be very cautious: you know very well that, in all probability, you are looking for solutions that keep you away from extreme risks for Investing Money.

If, however, you should have an interest in this sector, I recommend starting from social trading.

What is particularity? While traditional trading platforms require you to operate – and you should do it only after you have studied at least the basic topics – with social trading you can not do anything else but analyse the strategy of others in order to process yours for Investing Money.

Among the best platforms, registering for free you have the opportunity to analyse the performance of all professional traders by filtering them for an average profit of the last two years and the degree of risk of their operations.

For example, you can study the strategy of those who have obtained 25% in the last year or those who have chosen to take a few risks to bring home a secure profit. In doing so, professional traders help those who have no experience, without exposing themselves to the risk of losing everything in a short time for Investing Money.

To try this solution you do not have to do anything other than:

  • Open an Account free of charge ;
  • Choose among the top traders (called Popular Investor ) the one closest to your expectations;
  • To allocate a portion of your budget to the strategy that best suits your needs.

4. Investing Money in real estate 

If you are a savvy saver and you have some money aside, it may be smart to evaluate all the prospects that arise at this stage and, among these, certainly, including real estate investments.

The real estate investment, for those who have enough money, can be interesting considering the fall in prices and the growth prospects enjoyed by the sector for the future on the basis of cycles: according to analysts, in fact, in 2019 the prices of apartments they will touch the minimum before starting to climb.

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Housers opens the real estate investment to all:$ 50  is enough

Housers is a revolutionary platform that is changing the world of real estate Investing Money: in fact, with only  $ 50, it is possible to invest in real estate without necessarily having to buy them, gaining thanks to property income.

I’ll explain it better: with  Housers you can participate in real estate investment projects both in Italy and in the rest of Europe, staying up to date on the latest news and the performance that derives from the various operations set up. In addition,  Housers allows you to resell the securities you acquire quickly and profitably to other investors.

But how does it work? All you have to do is sign up to the platform and pay your sum, even just $ 50, thus accessing three different types of investments.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Savings: make a loan, even a minimum, on a real estate project of your choice. Start immediately to receive the interest accrued thanks to the rent or sale of the property, from the first month;
  • Investment: take part in the renovation or construction from scratch of properties that will be resold or put to income;
  • Fixed rate: the real estate development company corresponds to the interests proportionate to the complexity of the transaction in which you participate.

Why choose Housers? This is a very interesting solution for investing in real estate because:

  • eliminates bureaucracy: you will not have to fill out paper forms or interface with notaries, because everything is done online;
  • you can invest with low figures, even $ 50: you do not need large sums, therefore, to earn with the brick;
  • choose the  best opportunities in the most promising cities and areas of investment, avoiding to find the right deal on your own in places unknown to you;
  • does not apply commissions: Housers is free because it earns a percentage on the interest you perceive, but if you do not make money you will not pay anything;
  • diversify the risk: you can invest in several projects, distributing your sum in several cities and/or buildings.

If you are interested in real estate investments, then, with Housers you can invest starting from $ 50  in the main European cities.

Further insights on real estate

If you are passionate about the topic, here are some useful resources for further information on  My Business :

5. Choose a Valid Platform to Investing Money

In addition to choosing the market, it is important for you to know which platform to use for your investments.

This is because most of the services, in recent years, have grown considerably and alongside, access to markets, tools for training or practical support for your activities.

In addition to the social trading of which I spoke to you, for example, there are sites that provide you with free trading signals, reduced commissions compared to the average or internal academy that help you in the training with webinars and material to study.

To learn more about this, visit the page where I review the best platforms

6. Invest in Biotechnology and take advantage of market growth

One area that is currently attracting the attention of many investors is that of biotechnology. Science, as we know, is moving forward now every day and many diseases that today are incurable tomorrow may no longer be so.

At a global level, many large companies are investing to develop solutions to problems that have a major impact on humanity:  the biggest financial experts firmly believe in the future of this sector  and finance it.

The value of companies doing research grows day after day  together with the expectation of huge gains.

We are facing a sector if we want to be risky but with an assured future: if you are looking for an investment with wide margins to which you can dedicate a small part of your capital, that of Biotech could be a trend to go for sure.

within the CopyFunds Markets , I have identified a fund called  CRISPR – Tech  which in 2017  earned 47%  with a degree of risk classified at level 6 out of 10. The fund invests in companies specializing in  Genome Engineering , one strand of expanding biotechnology.

What you see is a fund managed by eToro that allows you to  study the strategies of the best  platform traders automatically: there are internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Agilent Technologies, Celletics SA and Editas Medicine INC.

If you are looking for a risky but potentially profitable investment, it could be a suitable solution for you. To access it is necessary:

  • Make a  minimum deposit of only $ 200 ;
  • Follow the expert investment strategy

7. Investing Money in Businesses, Start-ups and SMEs

On what to invest today in a real economy? So many people who put money aside would like to reuse them in economic activity.

What are the most profitable businesses of the moment? My idea is that, when you decide to open a new business, the smartest solution is to start it as a second job and, only in the long run, maybe even to use it completely.

To stimulate your imagination, I suggest you visit the page dedicated to entrepreneurial ideas.

Other useful ideas with “turnkey” solutions, then, could come directly from the list of the 100 best franchises to open in Italy : if you are looking for an activity to start and you have some liquidity, you may find interesting opportunities.

Invest in Start-Up and Innovative SMEs: for you 40% Irpef Bonus

If you do not want to start your own business you can fund those who want to do it and have the right potential. The start-ups and innovative SMEs have a strong impact on our economy: the activity of new entrepreneurs not only creates jobs but also allows investors to find new territories where penetrate.

If you are interested in this area, know that starting from today in Italy it is also possible to invest in Startups or Innovative SMEs,

I’m talking about a channel regulated by Consob that allows you to buy shares or shares of innovative companies and promising traditional SMEs.

You only need 100 €  to invest in the realities that have the most potential, thus contributing to the activity of the new business and taking advantage of the  IRPEF deduction of 40% , which is only one of the advantages offered by the platform. Let’s see the others:

  • revaluation of quotas:  those that you buy today at a low and advantageous price could make you much more, if the company were to grow (as you hope) in the best way. Revalued share above all means the greater value of your investment and capital gains if you wish to resell;
  • the absence of bureaucracy: you do not have to physically know the members of the company, or go to the notary, as each step is managed comfortably and quickly online.

8. Investing Money t in your training: it’s the best way

All the ways we have seen in the previous points are the “means” to invest in, but first you need to know exactly what your goals are so you can be autonomous and choose the best.

For this reason, I have created the “100 Thousand Euros on Account” course dedicated to people who feel they must quickly learn the best basic principles to protect their money and invest them in the best way avoiding unnecessary risks.

Here the points

  • Savings: the course starts from the basics, from your daily expenses. With a few tips you will be able to cut your monthly exits up to 40% by applying my method;
  • Investment Theory: there are hundreds of products, if you do not learn to know them you can not decide. I’ll introduce you to the main ones explaining you pros and cons;
  • Method to Invest as a Star Player: Once you understand what to do, you are in a position to act. In the third chapter I present you the method with which I invest and I offer you practical and practical ideas to work immediately.

I decided to make the course accessible for only 97 $ for a few days: soon it will be sold at the real market price of $ 297. Think about it: a wicked investment can cost you tens of thousands of euros of losses, with only 97 € instead you can find out what banks, promoters, insurers and consultants will never tell you.

Conclusion for Investing Money:

do not go away, we are only at the beginningIn this article, of course, I could not give the final solution to the question ” what to invest today “: I preferred to make a small introduction before opening a series of resources that I invite you to consult.

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