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What is Medical Insurance (MI)?

Medical insurance is a type of personal insurance that guarantees you in the event of an insured event. Certainly, you will receive medical care. And also reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of medicines at the expense of the insurance company.

Medical insurance will help you, your family members. And it will help the employees of your company. Certainly, you have a guarantee to receive fast.

And you have high-quality medical care in private and public clinics and hospitals. Indeed, without queues and at a convenient time for you.

What does the cost of health insurance depend on?

Medical Insurance

Tariffs and cost of medical insurance depend on the list of risks. And it relies on the level of programs. And also, it depends on the number of insured, the region of service.
In addition, the state of health of the insured and are determined, after passing a medical examination.
Insurers are reluctant to insure the health of individuals. Moreover, individual VHI contracts are unprofitable. So they are 20% more expensive than corporate health insurance programs.

How to reduce the cost of voluntary medical insurance programs for individuals and legal entities?

Medical Insurance

– At the expense of franchises for doctors (20-50% of the cost of the consultation, and you can pay for yourself).

– due to the sub-limit for drugs (unlimited drug provision is more expensive than with a sublimit of 2000 UAH).

Corporate health insurance is a useful tool for motivating employees. Certainly, You can consider the equity participation of the employer and employee.

Moreover, regulate the cost of the contract by deductibles and sub-limits for medicines and services. In addition, you can additionally ensure the life and health of the team against critical diseases.

How do we recommend to ensure the team?

– To insure employees and their families with a 10-20% deductible and sublimit on medicines.

– Approach selectively to the categories of employees, offering different programs and coverage (basic, standard, elite) 

What does voluntary health insurance include?

Inpatient care – counseling, research, surgical and therapeutic treatment, payment for a hospital stay, provision of medicines.

Outpatient care – consultation, call a doctor at home, registration of sick-list, diagnostics.

Provision, payment, and delivery of medicines and drugs

emergency medical care – the departure of the ambulance, examination, emergency care, medication, transportation.

Dental care – examination and consultation; therapeutic, surgical treatment, x-ray, anesthesia.

A health insurance contract is an agreement between the insured.

 Moreover, the insurance organization. According to which the medical organization undertakes to organize. 

And finance the provision of medical care of a certain amount and quality. Moreover, Other services under the voluntary medical insurance programs.

Useful tips

Health insurance is of great interest to insurers. So we tried to collect in this section the most valuable tips. And advice on health insurance and choosing the best insurance programs.

Conflict of interest in health insurance

In the insurance market, there is a systemic conflict that accompanies the field of health insurance And the beginning of its work in Ukraine. Customer service for medical insurance. 

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