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The Importance of Physical Education (2020)

Physical Education

Physical Education is important because of school age. It is the only time that the company is confident that the message about the importance of the physical activity.

 Certainly, the impact it will have on your health for the rest of his life, arrives.

Why is Physical Education important?

Physical Education is important because it prevents diseases. And it also stops feeling bad and further having to resort to the doctor, medicines, or hospitals. Physical activity saves in health.

Even though I did not score.

 I achieved a basket.

 I’m sure that I contributed to my group, my team.

And having managed to do something interesting.

Physical Education is important because it allows for the development of cross-cutting themes. It is vital because it addresses together many areas of the curriculum, now fashionable that work on skills.

What its benefits?

Physical Education is important because in any physical activity the involved mathematics (distance pass, scores, or scores).

 The physical (force print to a mobile and trajectory describing), the body language (nonverbal communication, gestures). 

Music(to transmit, feel, communicate, the pleasure of dancing, share the rhythm and its sensations), chemistry (the connection between members of a team).

History (to know where we come from and especially to where we want to go), English, French, German (because the sport is a universal language ).

Art(a multitude of sports disciplines that take into account the beautiful movement, the aesthetics of the gesture or a certain action).

Religion (sportsmen who implore and look at the sky as a sign of thanks or requests), Latin ( mens sana in corpore Sano; cities, Altius, fortius ).

The Greek (the marathon, the alpha, and the omega, the Olympic Games), the language (methodology and didactic of sport.

 The know-how to apply objectives and skills), philosophy (the human being is a unit indivisible body and mind), medicine (body anatomy, knowing how our body works, its possibilities, its limits) and a long Etc.

Physical Education

Physical Education is important because it educates in values. It teaches that it is essential to accept others.

What it teaches us?

In addition, it recognizes the effort of each and everyone within a group. Further, it gives value and recognizes the importance of everyone at the time of enjoying and having fun.

This Education is important because having fun with others is more important than winning. 

The referee is a friend who works and is facilitated by rules and regulations. It can live together and respect.

 Because only you are human in society.

Physical Education is important because it helps us to accept regulation.

 Laws are everyone’s business. We can not perform any game or sport unless we respect ourselves.

Physical Education is important because it helps us acquire habits and norms. 

We learn disciplines and make us autonomous.

It is important because it helps educate through personal experimentation. 

Experience Internalize what is the social agreement.

What it’s impact on our body and mind?

Physical Education is important because it helps the citizens of the XXI century to be aware that the mental and physical well – being depends on their efforts.

Physical Education is important because we are not only thinking of mind. 

Further, seek other curricular subjects, but we are an indivisible part of body and mind.

Physical Education is important because it is the right of citizens of the twenty-first century to know how to swim, climb, and throw.

Physical Education is important because large sporting events have become a fundamental part of our time, are mass phenomena that move huge capital.

 It must have a piece of minimum knowledge about them.

Physical Education is essential because it teaches important contents of the subject with values such as justice, solidarity, tolerance, respect, health, responsibility, achievement, freedom, and equality.

We only have 2 hours per week and our subject does not exist in the last course. Despite this, we obtained it because we are physical Education.

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