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Change ideas to improve your business

The change is part of the evolution of companies. Your business can not stay stagnant. It is necessary to change to improve and be up to the needs of our customers.

Necessary change

The Improve consultancy has identified four situations that merit the need for change in a company:

  • Strategic crisis: When you identify strategic movements that can endanger the competitive position of your business. For example, a massive import of a product that you make locally.
  • Operational crisis: When you detect operational and productivity inefficiencies that can jeopardize your competitiveness and results. This can occur in the commercial, financial, sales, among others.
  • Crisis of results: When you observe results different from those programmed in the production of your company, in financial or market results.
  • Liquidity crisis: When there are problems in the treasury of the company. This is a delayed warning because if the problems are identified in this phase, surely we are facing a problematic situation.

Resistance to change

However, it is not easy to make changes, you will usually find in your workers a resistance to change, a force that will fight to keep things as they are. For that reason to be able to apply a change or several, first, you have to show your workers that their implementation will improve the situation of the company. You must help you with two key elements that are: communication and motivation.

Measures for change

Fernando Zelada, technical director of Mercadante, gives us the following tips to implement the change and improvements in your company:

  • If you feel that your sales levels have dropped in recent months and/or years, consider it appropriate to ask you a question that will help you discover the path of development: where is the client?
  • Define the key factor of the success of your company, which is that element or variable that ends up being important in the decision of consumers about their preferences. One factor may be the quality of your product, but still try to be more specific, such as the durability of your product.
  • Diversifying is a perfectly valid strategy, as well as any of the wide range of options that marketing offers to companies. But be careful, you can not make a decision lightly, even less in a market where every penny that your company loses, a competitor is catching it.
  • Remember that customer service is not just the deal, the way, the interaction between the company’s staff and the client; you must offer a customer service that is sequenced, organic and harmonious articulation of the processes and actions that seek to achieve customer satisfaction, and that necessarily requires a management approach for its proper development.


Another way to apply a radical change is through reengineering, which does not mean trying to fix things, but it means starting over, starting from scratch, that is forgetting how work was done in the mass market era and deciding how can you do better now.


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