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What to do when it comes to ethical behavior?

When it comes to ethical behavior, there are lots of facts we can consider. In this post, I will tell you what is ethical behavior. How you can develop it and what are the benefits when it comes to ethical behavior. I will share with you lots of ethical behavior examples.


Let’s start step by step learning in a simpler manner so that you will understand difficult things.


What is ethical behavior? 

As we all are living in the society. And some set standard rules and standards have been created by society. These rules created for good living in society and a smoothly functioning society.

Now let’s understand what is mean by ethical behavior?

If your actions are really good enough to cope up with the society and individual thinking, then we can call it as ethical behavior.

Let’s understand by having one real-life example. Suppose you have a radio in your home. And you love to play it loudly. Now suppose you are playing it aloud. And people who are living you are getting annoyed with it. 

Then your this behavior is called as unethical behavior. On the other hand, for example in the second case if you have a radio in your home. You would love to play it loudly. However, immediately you think for a while.

And realize that if play this radio in high volume then I may enjoy but people surround me will feel annoyed. If anyone has a school or college exam, then they will also feel very irritated and get disturbed in their studies.

And it will happen just because of me. Automatically you will reduce radio volume so that only you can listen and enjoy it and others will not get disturbed.

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Smooth Functionality of the Society

Now if you look at the second case in which you thought about other people who are living surrounds you. It eventually means you thought about society. 

Whatever standards have set by society to have smooth functionality. In this case, playing something in a very high volume at the unnecessary time is not right.

And if someone is behaving according to that way that means he is ethically right. In the second case mentioned above was the best example when it comes to ethical behavior.

Let me revise the concept in a simpler language if your actions are not disturbing the peace at society; then your behavior is ethical behavior. 

And if your actions are sacred enough to work society smoothly then also it is called as ethical behavior.

Now you would like to learn about its principles of ethical behavior so that you will do better apply it in your life.

So let’s learn how you can develop yourself well when it comes to ethical behavior.

Key Principles of Ethical Behavior

Guy teaching to two women what to do When it comes to ethical behavior


Honesty is one of the most important factors when it comes to ethical behavior. Because if you are acting dishonestly, then it is not going to work. 

For example, if you have one friend who is very close to you and if you are hiding a very important thing with him.

You are hiding and not telling that thing because if you tell him, you will not have enough advantages. That means you are acting with him dishonestly.

You may feel good that you earned little advantages by hiding that thing from your friend. However, somehow you may feel guilty inside your heart. 

And this dishonesty you will never forget in your life. It will remind you whenever that friend name reminds you. 

You may feel corrupted from inside so that you should act honestly with everyone.


Fairness plays a vital role while defining your character. So that you should be fair enough with everyone, let’s understand it by ethical behavior examples.

Suppose you have a son. And this son is mischievous. One day he went to school and acted bullishly with other fellow. 

And that victim boy came to you for telling deeds of your son then you should make a proper justice. Suppose if you talk in favour of your son. 

Then you are not acting fairly. You are making partiality. And this is not the way acting ethically in this situation. You should act impartially.


It also plays a very important role when it comes to ethical behavior. And equality means treating everyone equally. Lets deep dive in this principle. 

Let’s understand it from one of my favourite ethical behavior examples. Suppose you have two friends. One friend has lots of wealth. And the other one has nothing. Another one is a poor guy.

If the wealthy one comes to your home and you give him a VIP treatment, and if other one comes to your home, then you treat him differently. 

So this is called as inequality behavior. If you are acting this way, then this is not the way your actions should be. 

You should act equally with all of your friends. 

Dignity, diversity and individual rights are also most important key principles when it comes to ethical behavior.

That we will discuss the next version of this post.

Ethical behavior in the workplace

Ethical behavior is always started from the ethical leaders of the organizations. If all the leaders or the key persons are making ethical decisions, then this will create a fruitful ethical atmosphere in the workplace.

Ethical behavior examples :

Suppose your company is facing trouble. And you are company suffered losses. It is very critical to manage company expenses. And you are the leader of the company.

It’s all in your hand what to do next. It became extremely necessary to hold all employees’ salary back to manage company expenses. 

But you are feeling that this will be wrong with the employee if you do it so that you must prefer to release employees’ salary. 

Because that employee worked extremely hard and hoping that having some cash flow by the company towards them, and that will be their reward of working hard with full of dedication. 

So that being an ethical leader, you should make the decisions by considering values and principles of your own.


In sum up, I can say only one thing that when it comes to ethical behavior, you should follow and learn all the key principles mentioned above. 

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