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Search Engine Optimization

No matter how many factors there are in the end, we marketers have to work with something. We need any benchmarks we need to focus on.

The thing is simple, SEO always has to do with speculation.

Therefore, some of these factors are proven, some of them controversial and some again pure speculation. The main thing about you is about what is important for Googlebot .

But enough of the long words. Let’s take a look at the individual ranking factors in detail.

Content is and remains the most important point when it comes to modern search engine optimization.

The search engine always has the goal of providing the best possible result for the search query. That’s why your content needs to be relevant and quality to reach that goal.

But let’s take a closer look at the individual factors:


  1. Content quality

It is always difficult to determine the quality of the content. Man already has problems with that. But the search engine has it much harder.

Still, she needs to consult any benchmarks. She pays particular attention to the following six points:

High quality content – Google is always on the lookout for content that is useful. A generic keyword text will not get you here. That’s why your content needs to solve a customer’s problem and deliver value. In general, Googlebot is able to understand the structure of your content. In addition, there are also documents that prove that human hand will help.

Useful Content – Googlebot may discriminate between high-quality and useful content. Your content can be excellent. But maybe he is so powerful that a beginner is quickly overwhelmed and therefore does not consider it useful .

Formatting – Lots of paragraphs, plenty of subheadings, numbered lists, and bullet points relax your content, making it easy to read. This makes your content easier and more often consumed … and is therefore of higher quality.

Additional Resources – Links to authoritative sources that support your claims are a sign of quality. In addition, many SEO experts believe that linking to the outside could be a positive signal for Googlebot.

Grammar – Grammar may not be a direct ranking factor, but statistics show that correct content is better. Spelling errors are just a sign of poor quality.

Language level – Whether it’s a ranking factor or not, Googlebot is able to determine the language level of your content. And a suitable level for your target group has an impact on the perceived quality.

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