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How to start a career in Business Intelligence

Companies start looking for profiles that know how to open up to the changes that technology offers. Certainly, talents can be pioneers in new disciplines.

The new technological era brings changes in all aspects of life, including the professions that originate from innovation.

Also for new approaches and the revision of old working methodologies. In the business world, new job opportunities are also opening up that require entering new territories. 

It still in training and favour of turning organizations around.

Business Intelligence (BI) is transforming how decisions have made in companies. Further, for the requirements that have needed in the new profiles. 

Profiles will process the information that has raised through this methodology.

The BI aims to extract the data obtained from the internal activities of an organization, such as inventories of products.

Business Intelligence

Its production or financial balances. And then convert it into inputs or actions that will favour some of its processes.

 This methodology, when implemented, benefits departments such as Purchasing, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Service, Finance or Sales. 

Because they handle a large amount of operational information, the information has used as indicators to respond to situations or project the impact of the decisions has made. 

It attends to new market niches, looks for other business opportunities, optimizes current resources, etc.

Given this, specializing in BI is becoming a profile of interest for those companies that are investing in technology and innovative methodologies. 

The same technology can analyze large volumes of data to approach the proposed organizational objectives.

Most searched profiles in BI

Business Intelligence

The future professional must understand the importance of this discipline in organizations. And know how to take advantage of information to projector generate recommendations.

Politicians, mathematicians, physicists, engineers or business managers are among the most sought-after professionals for these areas. And this is not exclusive. 

Some companies prefer to train junior professionals. So that they develop knowledge based on the characteristics of their organization. They have given even by the complexity of the sector and profile.

The first steps in BI

There is also a series of steps that an interested person in Business Intelligence could do to start in the area:

  • Training to be a BI analyst: There are institutions or websites around the world that are providing training activities on the subject. The subject can serve as a formal introduction in the area.
  • Differentiate Big Data from BI: Although the ultimate goal is to process information to look for opportunities in organizations.
  • The way it is done is different. Investigating their meeting points and differences will allow creating a panorama about this specialty.
  • Investigate on your own: There are currently bibliographies and tutorials on the Internet. Tutorials explain how to manage some software created to support the area.
  • Area provide some basic concepts or expose cases on how BI is handled for the benefit of organizations. A good reading will always reinforce knowledge.
  • Knowing the market of Business Intelligence: another way of knowing what is needed to start in the area is to investigate what companies are requesting for the recruitment of these profiles, such as professions, experiences or knowledge. While this may vary depending on the sector of the company, it could be a guide for talent interested in the subject.

The demands of the new era demand that professionals experience and be part of the new wave of careers, facing the future. Companies begin to understand that to have better overall results; they should look at other ways of doing things. For this, they are in search of talents that want to venture into this organizational challenge, so that opening to new knowledge and willingness to learn will probably be among the list of requirements for the next job candidates.


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