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Growth Opportunity: Youth Guarantee (2020)

growth opportunity

Growth opportunity: Youth Guarantee is the European plan to combat youth unemployment. 

But what exactly does it foresee, and what are the opportunities for young NEETs? 

Let’s find out together.

The current situation for Growth Opportunity

“With this objective, funding has provided for member countries with unemployment rates of over 25 %, which will have to invest in active guidance, education and training policies and work placement.

In support of young people who have not engaged in work activity.

Neither entered into a scholastic or educational path (Neet – Not in Education, Employment or Training). “

Thus the official Youth Guarantee website describes the nature and objectives that this plan provides.

The directive is addressed to all young people between 15 and 29 years of age, residing in Italy.

It belongs to that group of people who do not produce any income.

The people who do not work and who do not study. Indeed, they need to study.

However, they have the requisites to be able to re-enter in the world of work, acquiring new skills, new experiences and enhancing their inclinations and abilities.

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Path Divided Into Steps

  1. Hospitality

2. Orientation

3. Training

4. Accompaniment to work

5. Internship

The common denominator that each way has is inherent to the current world of work.

So that fundamental elements of the choice of wanting to propose specific profiles are precise to facilitate the person in the inclusion in a company that has the real need for new and young resources.

It is not always easy to understand the needs of companies. On the other hand, not even propose exciting paths for Under the 30s.

This is why the matching between the business world. Indeed, the user world is essential to create jobs.

Indeed, generating a logical thread between requires and those who offer employment.

The objective of the Youth Guarantee is to fill the gap that now exists between the compulsory school and the world of work.

The opportunity to attend a course 

The opportunity to attend a course that allows you to put into practice.

The practise what you have learned and know a real company is unique and precious.

It is rare, indeed, that through one or two interviews.

The company can understand the real skills of people, and the same resource can know if that reality is the right place or even that role is the right one.

Traineeship thus assumes a two-way valve, a possibility of knowledge and study on both sides, to be exploited to the full.

opportunity for growth

BizUSA today is working on this concept, proposing different paths of different nature, to offer a range of opportunities depending on the study paths, skills, and personal aspirations.

In equal measure, starting from the professional needs identified and the specific needs of companies is essential to give meaning to the deeper meaning of the project.


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