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Do These Jobs Where You Are Your Own Boss (2020)

Jobs where you are your own boss: If you are working for any company and you are facing harassment from your job. If you feel that the man has not much skill but still he is my boss and I need to listen to him. 

Then this post is for you. In this post learn how you can be your own boss. Learn what those jobs where you control your income are. In this post, you will get complete information on self-employed jobs like being a boss.

I will tell you which jobs you start from today so that you will be your own boss in the future. In this incredible post, I am going to share my own story about how I became my own boss in the next update of this post.

I will suggest you bunch jobs for people who don’t like bosses. In this post learn what jobs you can do on your own, and you can be your own boss.

Daily Routine

Many of you who are doing a job. They may have a daily fixed routine. You may feel bored sometimes, but you cannot just say no to that.

The simple reason behind it is you have to worry about your paychecks and daily expenses. You are always anxious about how you can handle your daily increasing expenses. 

Daily expenses such as educational, food and services you subscribed etc. You need monthly money to maintain all expenses. 

And you feel anxious about increasing expenses. Sometimes it may go out of control. No in this situation, at least to manage this expense doing a job became a necessary thing.

No matter if your boss is harassing you. It really doesn’t matter your boss is giving you too much workload that you can not handle. However, you can not say “NO” to him.

Because saying no might lead you to fire from the company. Willy-nilly you have to do it. 


What if I tell you there are various ways out there through which you will have a job where you can be your own boss. 

It will all up to you to select your time and place to work. And you will have its fair payment as immediate as you finish the work.

Let’s discuss some of those exciting jobs where you will be your own boss.

Two girls are laughing over jobs where you are your own boss

Child care

As everyone is busy with their workload. No one has the time to take care of their child properly. So that child care is revolving day by day. This has attained the highest peak, especially in a developed country.

In this you’re job is to take care of the child, and you can charge an hourly basis or a monthly basis. Everyone will be happy to pay you if you give credible and top-notch service.

It is extremely important to maintain credibility in this type of job. 

Home selling online or offline

If you are good at bargaining, then this type of work for you. 

What basically you need to do is.

You are going to buy any kinds of products at very cheap prices, and you are going to sell those products at higher prices.

In this process, you are going to earn a healthy profit. These are one of the jobs where you will be your own boss. 

This is a kind of e-commerce; You can sell all of these products on the internet or at the offline retail market.

Teaching the English Language 

The English Language has become a global language so that every other person wants to learn English as their second language. 

As the English language has worldwide importance so that it can be good for the native English speaker. This opens the window of new opportunities.

You can teach English to other countries’ people and earn a decent amount of money. Indeed, you will earn much by giving English language training to the students who need it.

Cambly is a great platform where you can go and sign up as a tutor and earn money. These are one of the jobs where you will be your own boss. 

Repair Shop

You can set up your own repair shop. This repair shop you can build at any niche such as if you are an expert at computer hardware repair then you can just turn it into a good business.

This is a golden chance to do this type of work because every single thing once used got their maintenance. So that if you become well known in this industry then lots of freelancing work you will get.

If you have a good budget, then you can just hire someone to do repair work. And you can monitor each and every operation.


You can just open up any kind of consultancy. In this field, you are not working as an employee. You will be working as an independent consultant so that you are obliged to anyone.

To set up your own consultancy, you should be an expert at a particular field. That means over time if you were working in the marketing sector, then you can just set up a consultancy in the marketing field. These are one of the jobs where you will be your own boss. 

That means you will be working as a marketing consultant. 


This is just an amazing field. If you feel comfortable speaking in front of the people, then you should go with professional speaking.

Being a professional speaker, you will access the wide-area for expanding your business. Nowadays, the demand for professional speakers has increased. 

Every other company is inviting a professional speaker to encourage their employee, which ultimately helps improve the productivity of the employee. These are one of the jobs where you will be your own boss. 

Some other options through which you will be your own boss

Being a blogger, grocery delivery services, becoming a landlord, renting out your guest room, video production, web designing, life coaching, Event managing, being real estate agent, real estate broker, freelance writing, insurance selling, sales manager, etc.

Each and every point is going to explain in its further update.


Here in this post, I have explained some of the unique work you can start either online or offline. And in this kind of job, you will be your own boss.

You can do these all things on your own terms and conditions, and you will be like a boss managing all through your order.

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