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50 Business Ideas That Are Launching Urgently In Switzerland (2020)

Business ideas are extremely important to startups. Any entrepreneurial success rests above all on good business ideas. Here are 50 inspiring business ideas that have proven themselves abroad.

Good artists copy, great artists steal, “said Steve Jobs. However, is being inspired by an idea abroad still a valid method?

“It is a proven strategy, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple However, Coop, Rolex, UBS are not the first to arrive in their sector and so far.

They are leaders in their market, analyze Maxime Pallain, co-founder and Swiss director of the Raizers online investment platform.

They were all inspired by others at some point. However, they also innovated to overcome them.

I very often meet entrepreneurs who tell me that “their concept has never been done,” but almost every time, we can find counterexamples.

You should never imagine that you are the first person out of 7 billion to have had this or that business ideas. Unless you are a pointed engineer in a very precise niche, It is better to take what works elsewhere and redo it “better” or at least as well. Beware of cultural differences, because we are neither in the United States nor in China. ”

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Business Ideas Crowd funding

Since its foundation in 2011, Classy has become the largest crowdfunding platform in the United States in the social field. 

NGOs and associations can present there—indeed, their projects and raise funds from individuals. 

Since its launch, Classy has received nearly $ 50 million from investors. It relayed around 300,000

campaigns from more than 3,000 organizations, including Oxfam (an NGO fighting against poverty), and raised several hundred million dollars.

The next step is the development of the platform outside the American market.

Nicholas Niggli: “This sector developed later in Switzerland, even if there are examples of success. 

The Zurich platform We make it has been very successful since its foundation in 2011. In Geneva, we also have the We Can platform. Fund emerging. “


Bars Business Ideas

For $ 9.99 a month, Hooch app subscribers get a free drink every day at a bar or restaurant in their city. 

The American start-up has partnerships with more than 450 establishments in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, New Jersey, Phoenix, and Hong Kong. 

It has raised $ 7.2 million since its inception in 2014.

Christine Demen Meier: “I think that this type of subscription, with higher amounts for Switzerland, is exciting and can work, especially if the client perceives that he belongs to a real community. 

The advantages for restaurateurs are twofold: they pre-collect the subscription amount, which gives them a little cash, and they can increase their clientele. 

These business ideas nevertheless require a lot of effort organizing the logistics of the distribution of payments, reaching the right customers, and building partnerships. In Switzerland, unfortunately, establishments like to cultivate their independence and prefer to remain independent. ”


dog care Business Ideas

The global pet care and maintenance market have expected to grow to $ 110 billion in 2017, with an overall increase of 3% in the past five years, according to Euromonitor International. 

In this growing sector, new applications are emerging to sell services to pet owners. DogHero in Brazil is one of them. 

The platform connects masters with dog-sitters so that they keep their dogs when they go on vacation. 

The platform created in 2014 is a hit: 100,000 dogs have been registered for 5,000 hosts in 400 cities across the country. Similar tools also exist in the United States under the names of and DogVacay.

Christine Demen Meier: “With more than 500,000 dogs on its territory, Switzerland could see the creation of a similar platform. 

But the emotional bond between the dog and its owner makes it difficult the decision to entrust its animal to non-professional guards. You can never be sure how your dog reacts. ”


Summer holiday Business ideas

Sport and nature-oriented holiday camps are no longer enough to satisfy the younger generations. 

New offers are emerging as colonies offering geek activities such as programming, 3D printing, or robotics. 

The French company Destination Découverte, specializing in thematic summer camps with its Telligo brand, offers a dozen camps of this type for children aged 10 to 17, with a price starting at 669 euros for eight days. 

More than 20,000 young people left with this organization in 2016. 

Building on its success, the company has just been bought by UCPA, the number one French sports holiday company, which wanted to add this string to its bow.

Christine Demen Meier: “In a stable and favorable environment like Switzerland, offers of this type can work. I would particularly emphasize the programming, which is in great demand by young people and parents, but absent from compulsory school courses. ”


automatic food

Veganism, vegetarianism, local consumption, slow food, organic farming… Specific diets and healthy food are experiencing significant growth.

 Fast food restaurants, cafeterias and even the world of food vending machines are adapting to these new behaviors. 

In Canada, Lean Machine Healthy Vending has set up a network of machines that only offer healthy products.

 The goal: to encourage school students or office workers to make the right choice and do without excessively salty, sweet, fatty snacks, etc.

 Besides the selection of dietetic products, the originality of the concept lies in its organization. The company supplies the machine.

Christine Demen Meier: “The success of such a model could be complicated to set up in Switzerland. Large market players like Selecta have already had to adapt to more restrictive specifications, issued by schools in particular. ”



In the United States, the company RainLocal offers an interesting system of placement of geolocalized advertisements for small neighborhood businesses. 

The business ideas are to place ads on thousands of applications and sites that people use in their daily lives when they are close to the business in question.

Raphael H Cohen: “The geolocation of many services will certainly play an increasingly important role in the years to come.” The teacher notes. 

However, its implementation can be more complicated for small business ideas. “The placement service for these ads has to find enough merchants ready to play the game. 

Indeed, it is a big commercial effort.” Consequently, to maximize his chances of success, the entrepreneur who wishes to embark on this type of business ideas will have to have sufficient financial and economic means, which can constitute an obstacle to starting.



The company Detectify was born from the observation that the sites and applications of Google, Facebook, PayPal, and others have many security flaws and vulnerabilities. 

The novelty is that this service offers its customers an automatic and permanent scan of their online offers.

 The founders collaborate with a network of more than 100 hackers who alert them of any new potential risk. 

Customers are informed live and given instructions on how to protect themselves. The company has raised nearly $ 2 million and is already working with Le Monde and the Danish consumer review platform Trustpilot.

Nicholas Niggli: “The field of cybersecurity has a lot of potentials. Digitalization requires, the risks are more and more acute, and companies neglect protection systems.

 The presence in French-speaking Switzerland of ProtonMail, the world leader in encrypted messaging, shows that this type of activity can have great success. 

Technologies that are linked to specific skills and Swiss branding have the potential to race worldwide. ”


Senior care

One in three people over the age of 65 feels lonely, according to Pro Senectute. 

To overcome isolation, an American start-up has developed an application that connects the elderly who live close to each other. 

Stitch is not just for seniors looking to find love. You can also participate in local group activities – such as wine tasting -, organize trips or just talk on the phone. 

The app also offers a paid subscription as well as a telephone assistance service, a detail that makes the difference with seniors.

Mauro Cherubini: “This solution responds to a real need in society because many elderly people suffer from loneliness. 

The main innovation resides in the fact of combining a platform for romantic meetings and the organization of activities, while most of these sites are based on sex. 

However, the success of such a solution cannot be taken for granted: a large proportion of older people are not yet familiar with new technologies and do not welcome them. ”



Many local business ideas are too small to have their own delivery service. This is the gap that the French start-up MoneyTime wants to fill. 

The latter allows, via a dedicated application, to make the shops of a city accessible to the greatest number, whether it is a bookstore with a selection of books not found or a bakery located in another district, but who makes the best croissants.

Cyril Déléaval: “The business ideas of“ digitizing ”small business ideas and opening up new horizons for them is interesting. There is a real challenge in terms of logistics, and it can quickly become an incredible headache. 

Outsourcing such an important function is undoubtedly a great business ideas. However, care must be taken to keep the technology easy enough for the merchant to use. 

We must also be able to train the latter and change mentalities, especially about the benefits of a multichannel strategy.



Established in London, Perkbox offers an original platform for rewarding employees through reduction coupons and other special offers. 

This concerns both the wellness sector (subscription offers for gyms, healthy meals, smoothies) as well as invitations to various events or conferences.

Cyril Déléaval: “The financial incentive as thought out for other countries must be targeted as best as possible to meet the specific needs of employees in Switzerland.”

 The expert recalls that part-time work is very developed there, which shows that wages are, in principle, sufficient to live. 

More than financial benefits, he, therefore, sees with a good eye all the measures making it possible to improve well-being at work, “an extreme concern of the employee in Switzerland.” This is particularly the case of the health of employees.


snow removal

It was in 2014 that the American company Plowz & Mowz launched its snow removal service on-demand in New York State.

It has since raised funds, attracted national media, and extended its activities to mowing the lawn and collecting Christmas trees. 

This expansion is also reflected geographically, by a presence in ten or so states in the country. Plowz & Mowz collaborates with a network of professional gardeners. 

Appointment making, quotes, and payment go through its application. And, little more, the customer receives a photo of his garden once the work is done. 

In Switzerland, where the winter weather is milder than in the United States, it is more on gardening than on snow removal that should be best.

Pascal Bourgier: “An initiative of this type can find its audience.

 Especially if it allows garden owners to avoid moonlighting, still very widespread for these services, and to hire insured and declared persons quickly, the demand is there, and this social dimension could play a promising role. ”


tutor Business Ideas

The instant messaging service Snapask has already attracted more than 150,000 students in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan). 

It allows young people, from primary school to the first years of higher education, to post a photo of their problem. A qualified tutor answers their question using an image, text, or an audio message.

 Initially free, the tool then requires the purchase of a 12-question package or a monthly subscription.

Dina Mottiez: “Instantaneity appeals to the young generation who wants everything right away. The growth potential with a free game is immense, and the cost of developing a simple “cat” reasonable. 

However, good learning cannot do without face-to-face interaction. 

When – after the first explanation of a complex subject – a teacher asks a student if he has understood, he too often tends to answer in the affirmative. Only gestural signs can distinguish the true from the false. ”


Self employed

Working from home has its advantages, but does not always offer the same productivity. Coworking spaces are an alternative but can be expensive. 

The Swedish start-up Office has developed a reservation platform that connects the self-employed. 

We can thus reserve a place with another freelancer offering their apartment for a working day or a few hours.

Michel de Marsano: “The demand for independent offices is increasing. So it’s a good idea. Especially since the coworking spaces are not suitable for everyone. It can also create more synergies than in existing structures, or even allow a freelancer to make profitable expensive equipment, such as a 3D printer. ”



On the Japanese coast, in the Hiroshima region, there is a new type of hotel: the Onomichi-u2 establishment was entirely designed for cyclists.

 Wall brackets accommodate bikes in all

room security; tools and a workshop in the common areas allow, in the event of a glitch, to repair his two-wheeler; a shipping department takes the bikes home.

 Not to mention the presence of a specialized store in this complex inaugurated in March 2014.

Christine Demen Meier: “Rather than building a hotel solely around cycling, this seems an interesting idea for hoteliers already installed, in particular those located near cycle touring routes.

 These are services that can bring customers and are inexpensive to set up. 

They mostly require a little equipment as well as a space for maintenance and storage of bikes. 

They can be carried out in partnership with transport companies and specialized stores. ”


pregnant woman

The American company Bed Rest Concierge, based in Dallas, offers services related to pregnancy and the arrival of a child: creation and sending of birth lists and announcements, organization of baby-showers, installation of baby’s room, purchase of necessary accessories and clothing. 

Present throughout the country, the company founded in 2011 continues to follow families when children grow up, for example, by securing the accommodation by organizing a childcare solution or by ensuring the delivery of diapers or an ecological laundry service.

Pascal Bourgier: “The chances of success for projects of this type are” fairly certain. “

 Even if the offer in the concierge niche is already quite developed in Switzerland. 

There is room for more people, especially for tailor-made services that adapt to the needs of a very affluent clientele and expatriates. “



The French start-up You2You created a collaborative delivery service in September 2015. 

It brings together two groups: on the one hand, traders and companies looking to have their products delivered to their customers.

 On the other, individuals who want to make ends meet or make their daily trips profitable.

 Concretely, the merchant creates an online delivery request and submits it to the site’s delivery community, which brings together more than 35,000 people. 

Still, via the platform, a nearby deliveryman accepts the request, picks up the package, and brings it to its destination. He earns, on average, 6 euros per delivery. 

The service is already present in five major cities and has more than a thousand merchant users.

Pascal Bourgier: “It is an innovative proposition. 

But I also see a supply problem to extend the model to Switzerland. Who will be the deliverers? Earning a few francs here and there may not be enough incentive. ”



On the Australian site Shoes of Prey, the internet user can select a basic model of shoes and decide to modify it to his liking. 

Type and height of the heel, the shape of the toe, colors, and materials: a fun interface allows the customer to view a creation unique to his image, without having to commit.

 Defying all competition, the price displayed varies as choices are made until final validation.

Dina Elikan: “The development of mass commerce and in particular the increase in internet shopping go hand in hand with the personalization and customization of goods.

 Such a concept appears particularly suitable for the field of footwear. That said, production costs, delivery costs, and taxes in Switzerland could be an obstacle to these business ideas. ”


business travel

In England, the company Roomex presents itself as one of the leading platforms in the field of hotel reservations for business trips. It claims secure access to more than 650,000.

Hotel establishments in the main business ideas of destinations of the world. A specialization that allows significant savings (of the order of 20%) on hotel reservations, thanks to the preferential rates obtained.

Pascal Bourgier: “For large companies, this is a good alternative to recruiting a person dedicated to this activity. In addition, the employee is thus more involved in his trip and can project himself in the hotel in which he wishes to go, according to his own needs. ” 

According to the expert, there is no reason why such an offer does not interest Swiss companies. Be careful, however, not to neglect the concept of service, “very important in this small country which prefers quality to strict financial economy.”


grocery store

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; Farmhouse Market is an unmanned grocery store accessible by the membership card.

 A couple of entrepreneurs set up this mini-market in a small town in Minnesota to offer healthy and affordable local products, without schedule constraints. 

Dina Elikan: “The business ideas of ​​a grocery store without staff accessible at all times seems to be adapted to elastic city life rhythms. 

Especially in Switzerland, where supermarkets close early in comparison with other countries. Using the smartphone to do your shopping seems easy to set up. 

The membership system avoids security issues. However, such a procedure must be accepted by the cantonal and municipal legislations, something which could pose a problem. ”


E sports

The international e-sports market is expected to reach $ 700 million in 2017, for 190 million followers, according to the Dutch firm Newzoo, which specializes in video games. 

Building on this growth in electronic sports, Japanese entrepreneurs have created Storia. 

This bar shows e-gaming competitions on various screens. 

It broadcasts games tournaments like Dota or StarCraft. An business ideas that could well find its way into French-speaking Switzerland when the first edition of the International Gaming Show was held at the end of November at Beaulieu in Lausanne.

Christine Demen Meier: “This is a real trend, we are talking, for example, about integrating e-sports into the Olympic Games.

 I can well imagine installing such a bar in Zurich or Winterthur, in a place where there is a sufficient pool of players.

 On the other hand, the opening of such a place will be more expensive than a standard cafe, because it requires ample space for the broadcasting of the competitions on the big screen as well as state-of-the-art equipment.



The American start-up And Co have designed a platform intended to improve the productivity of the self-employed. 

Thanks to intelligent technologies and expert monitoring, the company takes care in particular of invoicing, tracking of expenses, or management of administrative documents. 

The site promises its users a better understanding of their objectives and an analysis of the impact of their mandates.

Joseph Ayuso: “Managing the sending of invoices and their follow-up can be an interesting offer for a self-employed person. 

However, this depends on the price and how the monitoring is communicated and paid for by the company providing the service, respectively.

 So I would say “why not,” but it depends on the price compared to the trustees, the detailed offer, and the customer experience. ”


Start your own business

Consumer purses are cluttered with loyalty cards or coupons. 

Based on this observation, the French start-up Keetiz has developed an application for collecting and sharing benefits.

 By flashing QR codes placed in points of sale and on receipts of partner business ideas, the user can obtain a discount to be used during the next purchase.

 He can also share them with his friends or exchange them with other users on an integrated marketplace. 

Currently, a hundred shops and restaurants use the application in the city of Montpellier.

Maxime Pallain: “This app can provide an excellent marketing tool for medium-sized brands, those smaller than the giants such as Coop, Manor, or Migros. The challenge will be to convince traders to pay to access the platform. 

Then you have to make sure that technology follows. Also, what about a partnership with French society? Using its technology and know-how could go faster, but it all depends on the entrepreneur’s ambitions. ”


service station

Barely larger than a phone booth, fitness kiosks have been installed in the streets of Beijing by the Chinese start-up 

Athletes spontaneously wishing to use a treadmill or a few simple gym accessories can access this service at any time of the day and


He must pay the modest sum of $ 0.03 per minute, from his smartphone using a QR-code. The existing mini fitnesses are listed on a map in the application. 

To install around a thousand of these cabins in China, the company raised $ 11 million from investors.

Christine Demen Meier: “With 750,000 subscribers in Switzerland, fitness is a big trend in the country. But the offer is already very dense. 

And as the distances are reduced, users easily find a room near their home or their work. In addition, there are already many gyms offering extended hours. ”



Display advertisements on your private vehicle, in exchange for a remuneration which can reach 500 dollars per month.

 It is the business ideas of the American Wrapify or the Indonesian Sticar. But unlike previous offers of this type, these start-ups also offer real-time monitoring via an application. 

Advertisers can thus follow the route of each car, the mileage, while vehicle drivers receive in real-time the amount generated by their trips.

Maxime Pallain: “In the United States, it works because they have a very different culture of consumption and, therefore, advertising. 

The first thing I would do is do street surveys to check if the Swiss public is ready to be a sandwich car. Then I would ask potential advertisers what they think of such a project. 

Image issues are at stake: imagine that one of these cars causes an accident covered by the media. This can harm the brand. So there is a real market study to be carried out for such a project, on the side of advertisers, car owners, and people targeted by this service on their perception. ”


crowd funding

In France, companies like Naoxica or Happy Crowdfunding have launched crowdfunding consultancy. Their job is to help customers create a community of contributors to maximize the success of a project. 

Primarily through web marketing, but also actions and campaigns in the field.

 This without neglecting the maintenance of relationships with funders, who are all clients, prescribers, or potential partners.

Raphael H Cohen: “The viability of this type of project will depend above all on the evolution of the crowdfunding fashion.” For entrepreneurs who would like to launch themselves in Switzerland, where the volume of crowdfunding is still quite modest.

 The expert advises taking good care of their online presence to attract internet users who are increasingly in demand.

 To stand out and build his offer well, he also recommends the support of marketing professionals. According to him, such specialization could also be launched directly by a communications agency.



Founded in 2015, the Malaysian start-up BloomThis is surfing on the concept of home boxes by offering a flower bouquet delivery service. 

The customer makes his choice on the website and receives his order. The Malaysian start-up BloomThis is surfing the fashion of home boxes but with flowers.

The same day. Exit the local florist: the floral creations come directly from the market gardener. BloomThis customers can also subscribe to a subscription plan and receive bouquets regularly.

Dina Elikan: “The business ideas of ​​home boxes are very successful at the moment. The delivery on the doorstep of bouquets of seasonal flowers has it possible to avoid an early sunrise on Saturday to go to the florist and to be crowded with them during the rest of the races.

 What flowers houses and apartments with bouquets that please and reduce the number of intermediaries between the farm and the living room. ”



In France, the start-up “Les Expos à la Maison” connects artists who want to show their works with individuals who want to organize a first evening or event at home.

 These exhibitions have not reserved for the wealthy or owners of large apartments and can be displayed from 30 m2. The service is free for the artist and the host. 

The company is financed by taking a percentage of sales. Present in Belgium and France, the start-up Artzup launched a similar concept at the end of 2016. 

One difference, however: the client pays the artist for the exhibition, an amount generally between 200 and 600 euros. Artz earns a commission on this amount, as well as on sales. 

It also offers an offer for companies.

Pascal Bourgier: “This concept is interesting, but many artists are already doing this to make themselves known. Today, this is done without formalization, thanks to word of mouth. The question is whether there is room for an intermediary. ”


children transport business ideas

Walking on Uber’s flower beds: three Californian mothers dared, by launching HopSkipDrive in 2014. This application, like the American giant, makes it possible to book a driver for a precise route, payable online, and traceable using GPS coordinates. 

With a difference in size: it is reserved for children who are not supposed to ride an Uber car alone.

 HopSkipDrive drivers all have at least five years of experience with minors and have passed a series of safety tests. 

For a minimum of 16 dollars, they are hired the day before my parents to drive young people to school or sporting activity. The company has already raised $ 21.5 million.

Dina Mottiez: “Such an app could work in Switzerland, where people easily pay for this kind of service. 

But with two pitfalls: it will be necessary to convince parents of the security of the system and to watch that Uber does not itself add a kids’ service to its offer.

 As for the development cost, it will not be in the low range, in particular, due to geolocation. ”


Best small scale business in usa 2

Based in Bangalore, India, HackerEarth offers innovative and fun solutions for recruiting and training staff through online challenges. 

The start-up, which counts IT groups such as Adobe and Symantec among its customers, has notably set up a competitive programming platform, including more than thirty programming languages.

Raphael H Cohen: “The business ideas are interesting, especially since the EdTech projects (education that uses technological solutions, editor’s note) are currently on the rise. 

Proposing to take on online challenges to train employees is a good way to combine EdTech and games to teach what must be. ” According to him, Switzerland has very good assets to position itself on this market. 

Taking advantage of this opportunity, EPFL recently launched the EdTech Collider incubator on its site.


Will Switzerland succumb to the Angers Rooms wave? This concept, born in Japan in 2008, has spread to different countries, including France. 

Concretely, a room is made available to individuals for a certain amount of time. Using baseball bats, crowbars, or iron bars.

 They can break anything they find in their path: glass objects, computers, furniture, etc. The Parisian company offers formulas ranging from 10 to 100 euros. 

She is now thinking of franchising these business ideas.

Michel de Marsano: “It is not surprising that this concept started in Japan, where there are offers for all kinds of services, from cat bars to“ Love hotels.” It’s a good business idea, but it has a cultural dimension that should not be overlooked. Does one wonder if the Swiss population expresses the need to let off steam in this way? Mainly since sport can also serve as an outlet. 

But in an increasingly globalized world, this is an offer that could particularly appeal to expatriate workers. ”



In France, the start-up AdVitam facilitates the organization of funerals thanks to an online funeral service. 

The young company emphasizes freedom of choice, without pressure from a seller, and price transparency. 

Based on wishes made via the site or by telephone, she manages all administrative procedures and the ceremony. 

Another innovation: it is responsible for closing the accounts and subscriptions of the deceased, especially on social networks. 

In the same vein, the company Quiring Monuments, in Seattle, offers tombstones with a QR code that gives access to a biography of the deceased.

Pascal Bourgier: “Proposing management from A to Z is an interesting business idea and especially the management of accounts on social networks. 

In Switzerland, there is undeniably a market around mourning and funerals for start-ups. ”



In Singapore, the start-up Social Weaver offers an online platform that presents itself as a resource for overwhelmed parents. 

Both a marketplace and a community site, the platform allows book local services (caterers, sports, pediatricians, birthday parties), ask questions of other members or rate the services offered. 

It has around 4,000 suppliers, divided into around 100 categories.

Maxime Pallain: “You need an excellent, well-diversified, and organized offer. 

There are already a lot of competitors (mainly indirect), with the wave of marketplaces that swept over four or five years ago.

 It becomes difficult to break into this sector, especially since the economic model is not obvious. One can also wonder how many parents connected in Switzerland would like to use such a service for their children. 

We must insist on market research. ”



Monitor the well-being of seniors in their own homes and allow them to live independently longer. This is what the Australian company Curo is aiming for. Sensors are placed in customer accommodation. 

They collect information such as how they get around, when they take their medication and eat, and the quality of their sleep.

 The data is then analyzed and then transmitted to the persons concerned (family, nursing staff, or insurance) via a smartphone application. 

This sends alerts when a customer falls or interrupts his routine.

Mauro Cherubini: “For the application to reach the most people, it would be necessary to be able to personalize the technological treatment.

 This probably requires more user management and remains more complicated to set up. We must also avoid falling into a pitfall of the “big brother” type with this kind of project. ”



The French company Wefarmup offers an original rental platform, dedicated to agricultural equipment. This can involve a tractor, handling tools, a seed drill, or even a sprayer. 

The Search, reservation, and payment of the desired tool are made online. The owner receives a notification by e-mail and can then accept or refuse the rental request.

Cyril Déléaval: “As with all activities requiring significant initial investment, renting is often a good alternative.

 Especially in the agricultural world, where it is not uncommon to pool resources to carry out major work. ” The expert from Genilem notes.

 However, that there are cases where indebtedness can be beneficial and also stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of equipment: the needs can be the same and, at the same time, for farmers (for example, in the case of a harvester).



The American company KnowBe4 offers online courses for corporate employees to make them aware of the practices of cybercriminals.

 The founders had noticed that in 70% of cases of computer failure in companies, the fault came from an employee. Often a virus is introduced when an employee clicks on a link in an email.

 To complete the offer of its 14,000 customers, KnowBe4 regularly simulates attacks to see how employees react.

The customer then receives feedback. The company doubled its workforce between 2015 and 2016 and today has around a hundred employees.

Nicholas Niggli: “The establishment of MOOCs (Massive open online courses) is a trend towards which all academies, including the best, are tending. 

The French-speaking academies have built a real reputation in this area. These platforms will help the transition to the jobs of the future, knowing that lifelong learning will be increasingly essential. ”



Drug delivery applications are needed in many countries. 

This is the case of RemedioCerto in Brazil, which targets the contraceptive market, NowRx, and Zipdrug in the United States, or even Pharma Express in France. 

Compared to the delivery services of traditional pharmacies, these apps are distinguished by their ease of use and payment, but also by the possibility of being delivered.

Quickly at any time. In France, the start-up Pharma Express provides delivery in less than an hour, day, and night. It has also developed a digital prescription system and entered into a partnership with SOS Médecins.

Pascal Bourgier: “These developments are going in the right direction. 

For Switzerland, this is an interesting business ideas since the trend is towards the development of remote medical consultations. ” However, setting up activity of this type raises legal and regulatory questions.



With Batmaid or Book a Tiger, Switzerland already has several applications allowing online booking of maintenance personnel. 

A service originating from Australia could perhaps also be born in the country. Called Hangover Helpers, he offers revelers a cleaning of the next day, as well as the delivery of an optional breakfast. 

The prices charged by the company created in 2015 depend on the number of rooms, guests, the location of the apartment, or the type of breakfast chosen. 

The maintenance staff can be reached “urgently” by telephone.

Christine Demen Meier: “It’s an easy business ideas to implement, because of its low cost. There are, however, two major challenges to the arrival of such a service in Switzerland. 

The small size of the demand first: the young people in Switzerland are not so numerous, and the activity is concentrated on two or three days at the weekend. 

Culture then: unlike the Anglo-Saxons, I am not sure that many Swiss are ready to see strangers arriving at their homes when their apartment is upside down, and they have drunk too much the day before.

 But maybe Generation Y can be more easily seduced. ”


service station

After flowers, shopping, and meals, it’s the fuel’s turn to enter the era of home or workplace delivery. 

The French start-up Pomp, created in Paris in 2015, travels directly to the vehicles of individuals, but especially business ideas, to refuel them with mini-tank trucks. 

The service, performed by certified pump attendants, can be ordered simply via an application. 

The company buys in bulk, which allows it to charge a price per liter, which corresponds to the average of that of service stations in the area where the customer is located.

Pascal Bourgier: “This is an innovative and very interesting project, particularly for the fleets of company vehicles. 

It seems relevant to Switzerland, which has a large number of official vehicles. Reproducing the model in Switzerland, however, risks raising safety and authorization questions, due to the dangerous nature of the fuel. I am thinking in particular of transport in areas such as old towns. ”


Best small scale business in usa 2

The British start-up Cera provides home care to vulnerable people. Seniors – or their families – who need support sign up for an online service. 

They indicate their specific needs and then access a list of healthcare providers in line with their expectations. It is possible to book urgent care as long-term care. 

The platform, accessible on all smart devices, also allows family members to receive news and send messages to nursing staff.

 Cera recently launched a service in partnership with Uber as well as an assistant based on artificial intelligence.

 The system has been designed to answer any question patients, or healthcare providers may have, via the platform or by SMS.

Mauro Cherubini: “This proposal seems clear and simple to implement. It is also applicable to a multitude of situations. 

On the other hand, it requires acceptance by the patient of his status as a “person needing help.” In this context, it can be challenging to communicate with technological solutions. ”


pool business ideas

The Airbnb model continues to inspire entrepreneurs. 

In France, the start-up Swimmy, founded in July 2016, decided to apply the concept to the field of swimming. 

On its online platform, pool owners across the country offer individuals the opportunity to dive into their pool for a fee, by the hour or half a day. 

But also, depending on the offers, enjoy the garden, the barbecue, or even a pétanque court.

 The business ideas are simple, the proposal attractive. 

Does it have potential in Switzerland?

Pascal Bourgier: “I have doubts because of cultural differences between France and Switzerland, which is a country of lakes.

 And many municipalities have a public swimming pool. In addition, I fear that the owners of swimming pools are not ready to share it. 

With us, there is a small side, “live happily, live hidden,” which is less suitable for this type of project. “


storage business ideas

Housing more cramped than in the past, more frequent moves, new family constellations. 

The Swiss no longer know where to store their belongings. 

This trend has contributed to the development of low-cost self-storage (storage boxes from 1 m2), which has taken off since the early 2000s. 

With the advent of the collaborative economy, a new concept is developing abroad in this niche: the rental of storage space between individuals. 

In Australia, the start-up Spacer describes itself as the Airbnb of warehousing.

 Founded in 2015, it already has nearly 20 employees, and its site brings together 20,000 people who offer available spaces, for prices, on average 50% lower than traditional solutions.

Pascal Bourgier: “Such a project could be interesting in Switzerland. There is certainly a demand. On the other hand, the challenge will consist of finding suppliers.

 The Swiss are likely to be reluctant to house someone else’s archives and cupboards to earn a few dozen francs. ”


heavy duty business ideas

The American company Convoy was inspired by the Uber model to transpose it to that of heavy goods vehicles. 

She says she has successfully developed one of the largest reliable truck networks in the world. 

With the bonus of real-time GPS tracking on all shipments, allowing for various improvements to the chain customer supply.

Pascal Bourgier: The business ideas deserve to be explored in Switzerland, especially since a large part of the transport is done there by train.

 One element remains essential; however: in a market of excellence like the Swiss market, it is imperative to provide impeccable quality in terms of logistics, in particular as regards relationships of trust, but also respecting deadlines and international standards like what companies like DHL, FedEx, and La Poste do.


survey business ideas

Thanks to an application allowing companies to conduct surveys or obtain instant feedback from their employees, the French company Zest has developed a new tool for Human Resources managers. 

Capable of sensing the mood and collecting the most insights innovative, the system aims to boost staff engagement, but also to prepare annual appraisal interviews or to ensure that employees understand the company’s values.

Raphael H Cohen: “The tools helping executives to be more in tune with the expectations of their employees have promised a bright future.

 It has understood that working relationships based on the authority of the chief are condemned.”

 It remains to ensure that such a tool does not reveal in a too cruel way the deficiencies of the leadership of the executives.


Law business ideas

Only 10% of SMEs that have a legal problem will turn to a licensed professional, mainly for lack of financial means. 

Yet these problems often resemble each other. The start-up

French Openflow, therefore, offers this year a website where industry professionals can resell their documents to other professionals or SMEs with the same kind of legal problem. 

It is the users who set the prices, Openflow takes a commission on each transaction completed.

Nicholas Niggli: “Legal services are often geographically limited, due to the differences between legal systems. 

Such a limitation allows small local players to establish themselves well. The Law-Rence platform, which is developing from Geneva, is a good example. ”


meet the industry people 6 business ideas Golden rules to start business

A sort of hybrid between cafes and coworking spaces, establishments where you pay for time spent on-site rather than what you consume, are multiplying in large French cities, like the chain.


 In addition to drinks (without alcohol), this type of store also offers an unlimited tasting of cakes, bread, and other sandwiches, or even to enjoy board games and high-speed internet access. 

Prices range from 5 euros for one hour to 240 euros per month.

Maxime Pallain: ” I love this business idea! In a traditional establishment, a consumer can monopolize a place for one hour while consuming only one coffee. 

There he will pay a little more, but he will feel that he is getting his money’s worth because he can have tea, coffee, and water for the same price. 

For the restaurant owner, the cost price of a cup does not exceed a few cents, so it costs him the same, while the customer will be delighted with having consumed four times more than usual.

 The other advantage is that this offer will create a buzz, as far as I know, there is no such thing in Switzerland.

 This guarantees secure communication around the opening of a bar, which is rather unusual. The place must then correspond to the target clientele in terms of layout and service.


Events business ideas

In France, Privateaser offers to find, select, and reserve bars, rooms, or restaurants for corporate events, birthdays, after works, weddings, or product launches. 

An offer that seems to have found its customers: to date, more than 600,000 individuals and 2,800 business ideas have used this service.

Pascal Bourgier: “Privatization is a great way to satisfy demanding customers. But beware, in Switzerland, it is not very frequent to privatize an entire place for the pleasure of a single client or an organization.

 We can come up against a purely cultural problem. ” Therefore, it could be interesting to be satisfied with a room in a public place specially provided for this purpose. 

And do not forget to take care of the management of cleaning, security, and insurance.


influencers business ideas

Based in New York and Dublin, Popdeem has chosen to reward influencers and consumers who promote the image of a brand on social networks through special offers or discount coupons. 

The goal is to generate a maximum of word of mouth, while concretely measuring the repercussions on Facebook as well as on Twitter or Instagram.

Raphael H Cohen: “In a customer’s opinion to remain convincing, the latter must recommend a service in the most authentic way possible. 

For the system to work, the remuneration of the prescriber must, therefore, remain secret. 

And of course, as with many internet activities, one of the biggest challenges is to create the visibility requires to reach sufficient critical size. In essence, the best business ideas can collapse if it does not have the means to reach enough customers. “


automobile business ideas

Launched by a French mechanic, Car Care Solution comes in the form of an app aimed at enabling garage owners to offer real-time car maintenance monitoring to their customers.

 She sends notifications, which indicate when maintenance operations on the vehicle must be carried out.

The app also includes a system for distributing personalized discount offers, as well as

planning and customer management tools.

Maxime Pallain: “Loyalty among garage owners seems to be an exciting niche. Given the relatively large number of people who own a car in Switzerland, there must be a market. 

On the other hand, the implementation of such a technological product can prove to be complicated. 

Then, it is necessary to find a proper price positioning, which is consistent and which guarantees the garage owner to generate turnover if he offers this solution to his customers. 

It’s probably a project with few competitors, so exciting to dig into. ”


Girl got coupons business ideas

Launched in 2010, ShopFully is a platform that centralizes current promotions and coupons from local retailers.

 Thanks to geolocation, it allows the consumer to locate the offers in one

A look. 

The site, which is available in several countries, is positioned as the leader in the field: it has 30 million users worldwide. 

According to his figures, 66% of ShopFully users would decide to change retailers after consulting the platform, which indicates its strong power of influence.

Dina Elikan: “With the emergence of different sites for grouping promotions and discounts such as Groupon or DeinDeal, as well as all the promotions from different retailers, it is difficult to know where to turn.

 Centralizing all this in a single platform would help guide the consumer well and thus not miss any good deal! ”


create a profitable business ideas plan

Everyone, regardless of income, should have access to quality advice on how to manage their money. 

It is based on this conviction that the American Ramona Ortega created her start-up Mi Dinero Mi Futuro. 

It is an online platform for financial planning and advice for millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, also known in French as the “Generation Y.” 

The fintech start-up also has a social dimension: it targets explicitly less advantaged communities from Latin American immigration.

 Business ideas we could draw inspiration from in Switzerland?

Pascal Bourgier: “200% yes! It’s an exciting concept because it targets an audience neglected by the banks.

 However, you should be aware that the millennial Swiss is long taken care of by his family. 

In this, it does not look very much like that of Latin America or the United States. His concerns are not the same. ”

 It, therefore, remains to invent the business ideas which correspond to local specificities.

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