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Best Small Scale Business in USA (2020)

List of the best small scale businesses in the USA

Best small scale business in USA  doesn’t need much capital to invest however it will give you a higher profit in the long run. And I will show you the best small scale business to clarify, the list provided is completely updated and actionable.

Here is the complete list of the best small scale businesses in USA, Some small scale businesses you can start with even 0 investment.

  1. A Life Coach
  2. Freelancing
  3. Online Selling
  4. Finance Consultancy
  5. Graphic Design Business
  6. Internet Radio Business
  7. Online Dating Consultancy
  8. Resume Writer
  9. Translator 
  10. Social Media Consultancy

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“Omg! An alarm clock is ringing so that today again I have to go to the office and do the boring work which I hate. ” 

Are you getting the same feeling while waking up?

Are you feeling that your life got struck with this dead-end 9 to 5 job?

 Would you like to enter and dominate the top small scale businesses in USA?

Do you know which is the best small scale business in USA?

How to start the best small scale business in USA?

You are at the right place. And I also had the same feeling when I used to do my engineering job.

You and I are on the same boat of “ Entrepreneurship” so that Hold your seat tight! to get a complete guide to best small scale business in USA 

During my research phase. I researched a bunch of the best small scale businesses in USA as a result you will leverage this valuable information readily available for you.

Those small-town businesses that work for sure. In other words Small town business ideas that will stick in 2020.

I found out a big chunk of data certainly It can help you to find out your business idea.

Here in this incredible blog post I am gonna get you in the sky moreover you will see different birds. Here SKY means this post and birds mean amazing ideas that I have listed below.

I will brainstorm the best small scale business ideas after that you figure out which idea best suits you. 

For instance, jump like Jack Sparrow. I think you must have seen Pirates of the Caribbean Series. Johnny Deep is a world-famous actor who played the role of “Jack Sparrow”.

I used to see one of the scenes when I feel a little low. Do you remember? he confronted a very big monster and by mustering the courage.

And having a sword in hand, he jumped in the mouth of that monster. Like this, you need to muster your courage.

You need to analyze case studies of different aspects of the business. Learn it and then jump into it.

If you fail you will have a wonderful experience moreover if you succeed you will be able to build an empire.

Feeling Excited? 🙂

Let’s get started!

Let’s jump in The Best Small Scale Business in USA!

Complete List Of Best Small Scale Business in USA 

#1 A Life Coach #6 Internet Radio Business #11 Digital Marketing Agency #16 General Grocery Store
#2 Freelancing #7 Online Dating Consultancy #12 Dog Business #17 Pest Control Business
#3 Online Selling #8 Resume Writer #13 Adult/Elderly Day Care Business #18 Moving Kitchen Business
#4 Finance Consultancy #9 Translator  #14 Bakery Business #19 Yoga Center
#5 Graphic Design Business #10 Social Media Consultancy #15 Gift Shop Business #20 Fitness Center


The Best Small Scale Business in USA: Need lower Investment & Higher ROI.

There are some of the best small scale businesses in USA and it needs low investment. But the profit will be much higher than your expectations. Some businesses listed below.

#1 A Life Coach

Best small scale business in usa 2

A Life Coach is the best small scale business in USA because it doesn’t require initial investment at all. 

Nowadays this business is booming faster than ever. Because in today’s era everyone is suffering from lack of motivation, procrastination issues in addition to bad habits, Etc..

A life coach certainly helps these kinds of people to deal with this kind of problem. Do you remember Hal Elrod? Author of the best-selling book “ Miracle Morning”.

I read this book three times and this book is my all-time favorite. He was a salesman after that he started his career as a life coach.

 You don’t need a huge investment to start this business. You even don’t need investment at all. Most importantly you need to have public speaking skills.

But you must have gone through lots of self-help books, Biographies, Etc.. Firstly You need to develop yourself then find a client locally. Once you get some of your local clients help them out.

Guide them to get a winning attitude during difficulties and once they start seeing results. You will start getting exposure and then you can come over the Internet.

Promote yourself over various online platforms. And create your own brand. Further, you will have an opportunity to become an author too.

#2 Freelancing

Best small scale business in usa

Freelancing needs no single dollar from your pocket however you need to be master at least in one skill. 

Those skills which everyone wants to ace such as blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and digital ads campaign Etc…

You can learn anything online/offline and share your knowledge with the targeted audience especially from online.

You even can’t imagine how much money you can make by freelancing. So that this is also another one best small scale business in USA you can consider.

There are plenty of freelancing websites available out there. Such as,,

#3 Online Selling

If you are an expert in a specific product and if that product is unique. If the product can really solve people’s problems.

Instead of selling that product offline, you can leverage the internet and sell it online on your website.

Firstly you need to spend very few bucks to hire a website developer. As a result, you will have your E-Commerce website ready in no time.

Certainly, you need to get good packaging services and delivery services to get started.

And if you don’t need to do these all stuff like making websites, fulfilling delivery, Etc. Then you can sell it on amazon. This can be the best small scale business in USA.

#4 Finance Consulting 

Best small scale business in usa 2

This can be started by any individual who has financial expertise.

And this is another one best small scale business in USA.

Certainly, In the USA everyone is earning income. You can help them to make smart decisions related to finance.

That means where one can invest his money to get a higher return and how can someone plan his retirement. Etc..

US citizens are facing many problems most importantly about money and your job is to help them to manage their money.

Above all, this might become the best small scale business in the USA  because it has huge demand.

You need to have a proper education in the finance area however it is not necessary to have any formal degree in the finance sector.

You can take any sort of certification course to add a bit of credibility. And you can learn it online and become a master in the finance fields.

 #5 Graphics Design Business

Best small scale business in usa 2

If your disposition is towards art. Certainly, you do enjoy making unique designs. Then this is the best small scale business in USA.

This business you can start even if you don’t have an investment. Because you need one computer and internet only for an initial startup.

This business can start with less investment therefore this is also the one of the best small scale businesses in USA.

Over youtube, you can have plenty of tutorials certainly you need to learn this skill absolutely for free. And once you master the skill.

Moreover, you can start a graphics design business either online/offline. Most importantly the demand for designers has increased. 

Once you master designing skill many doors will get open for you to thrive in this business.

such as you can do freelancing (Finish clients’ project online/offline) or You can start your own small coaching institute.

 #6 Internet Radio Business

Best small scale business in usa 2

You can start the internet radio business. firstly you have to decide which type of audience you are gonna serve.

Most importantly podcasts listeners have increased in the USA. Most people prefer to listen and watch over a reading text.

People can listen whenever they want and whatever they want. Certainly listening to something can be easier task than reading. 

This business can have a volume of audience. Once you get established in this business. it can monetize with ads.

This business will start making money by just running ads for specific brands. But you need to create your brand so that companies in your niche will start approaching you.

Most importantly for their product promotion/brand awareness. In addition, It can be scalable by marketing strategies. And this is the best small scale business in USA.

#7 Online dating consultancy

Best small scale business in usa 2

Sounds funny! but it’s interesting… Right?  this became an actual business in which you can help to create the best online dating profile and offer personalized Tinder profile.

In this business, you are gonna charge for the time you spent with the client. In addition, you can guide a client to choose the best partner.

This will be really exciting business once you develop a decent client base most importantly by building credibility. This is another example of best small scale business in USA.

#8 Resume Writer

Best small scale business in usa 2

Certainly, job seekers have increased in the USA. This is not a new thing that firstly by submitting a resume.

Your resume will be your salesman in the paper format. If it is unique and stands out from the rest of the applicant.

Then you will be called for an interview. Now here is the main thing. Your resume will be the first impression. If you cannot make something different as a result your chances will certainly get reduce.

It is becoming very tough to write the best resume and beautiful cover letter. And it opens a new concept of business.

In this business you can set up your own website. And give clients one on one coaching of writing the best resume and cover letter.

You can coach your client and help him develop his soft skills so that he can land the best job. So that this is also best small scale business in USA.

#9 Translator

Best small scale business in usa 2

Do you like to learn a second language? Translators and interpreters are among the top 5 growing occupations in the world.

Do you know US military members are earning $1000 more if they are proficient in multiple languages?

In this business, you need to learn a second language at least fluent in medical, finance or any specific niche you want. 

Then you offer a Translating Services and make a profitable business in a specific niche.

German, Spanish, French are a good option to start with.You can do research on your level.

Select any second language and start learning.

#10 Social Media Consultancy

Best small scale business in usa 2

Now every single business knows the power of social media marketing. Companies are looking for people who are experts in social media marketing.

So that they can promote their product or create brand awareness of their products. To start this business you must have knowledge of all popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Etc…

You must know how you can use these social media to help different companies to promote their products and finally make a sale.

You can charge huge money if you are an expert in this business and have a little team to make work simple. Companies also approach management of their social media profiles and make it active.

#11 Digital Marketing Agency

Best small scale business in usa 2

Now conventional marketing is changed. Everything is switched over the internet. It became extremely important for companies to take their business over the internet.

Promote their products and services over the internet. Here digital marketing agency comes into the picture. The digital marketing agency can help companies to market their products over the internet.

Best Small Scale Business in USA: Need Medium Investment & Higher ROI.

#12 Dog Business

Best small scale business in usa 2

This is also one of the best small scale businesses in USA. Classification of Dog given below :

A]Dog Grooming Business

B]Dog Day Care Business 

Let’s dive in these two categories one by one… 

A] Dog Grooming Business

Nowadays having an adorable dog with you everywhere you go, has become a fashion in not only the USA but all over the world.

If you like the one you can start this business. It needs capital and land to keep all small dogs.You can set up your own website which sells dogs. 

If you just focus locally and create your brand people start placing orders online. You can either appointment with them or you can provide home delivery.

This business can be scalable by opening different shops in various regions.

B] Dog Day Care Business 

This business can start with Dog Grooming Business. Certainly, in this busy schedule, lots of people cannot take care of their dogs properly.

Ther you can send trained labor from your company who will take care of their dog-like timely feeding, health issues Etc.

 #12 Adult/Elderly Day Care Business

Adult/Elderly day care services business

Some of the adults in the USA are suffering from sickness or illness. And if you are passionate about caregiving. Then you can start this business.

You need staff so that you can manage multiple clients at a time. You will not only earn bucks but also blessings from various families.

The population of old age people is increasing and it has developed a huge market. Now it is the golden opportunity to set up this business. You can hire staff at an affordable price.

You can give the best services so that you can raise your brand value. Once it does you can charge a premium value and people will be definitely will be able to pay. So that this also best small scale business in USA that you can start.

 #14 Bakery Business

Bakery Shop Business in usa

Everyone likes to eat baked meals (Products) such as Brown Bread, Pastry Etc. Bakery businessis the best small scale business in USA, you can start anywhere in the USA.

Everywhere you will find a customer. You need capital to invest in this business. This business is sustainable.

Even without creating your own products. You can sell others’ brands’ bakery products and make money.

If you want to scale it, you can scale this business by starting your own production of any specified product. And sell it at your shop. 

 #15 Gift Shop Business 

Gift Shop

Gifts put a smile on everyone’s face. You can set up this kind of shop anywhere in the USA. And with proper and strategic branding you will make your shop memorable. 

You will have a lot option. You can start by keeping any product related to girls. Then once you understood

You take your shop over the internet by creating a website and sell your products over the internet. This is also one of the best businesses in the USA to start. 

#16 General Grocery Store Business

Grocery Store in USA

This business is a low-risk business. You can set up a store anywhere you want. American’s cannot live without grocery shopping.

It is day to day living things for Americans. Investment is required to set up this business. But the investment will not go in loss.

It will give you a good return on investment. The best thing about the grocery store. You don’t need any experience. You can even start it with almost no experience.

All products you maintain in your inventory will be required on a daily basis. So that no need to worry about the selling of your products.

Customers start coming to your store right after the next day you open the store. 

#17 Pest Control Business 

Pest Control business in USA

If you are thinking that business must give a guarantee of a stable income. Then this business might be the best small scale business option in the USA.

It involves removing harmful insects and reptiles from commercial and residential buildings. More people are becoming aware of eradicating this kind of harmful insects, rodents and reptiles.

Pest control businesses can produce sustainable income. You can easily develop it locally and it needs labor-power too. 

 #18 Moving Kitchen Business

Moving Kitchen Business in usa

If you want to enter a restaurant business this might be best for you. In this business, you need a van.

Then It needs to designing of VAN moreover the kitchen should be built inside the VAN. Most importantly we are gonna serve customers outside the VAN.

We will have an advantage over a restaurant business because you are approaching customers directly. 

We can easily judge different places and analyze where to make maximum sales so that you can optimize business.

 #19 Yoga Centre

Yoga Center Business

If you don’t have much capital to invest in the business. Above all, you can start the yoga center. You need just a nature-friendly place to start this center.

If there is lots of greenery. Then it will be a plus point for your Yoga Centre. You can either start the indoor yoga center or outdoor yoga center.

Before starting you need to learn yoga. Then you can start it. As this business can start with small capital that is why this is one of the best small scale businesses in the USA.

#20 Fitness Centre

Fitness Center business

Health issues are constantly increasing in America due to bad eating habits. Fast food culture is creating myriad issues in people’s lives. 

According to In the USA one person is getting a heart attack every 40 seconds. So that fitness awareness is spreading like fire in the forest.

If you have good capital you can invest it in this business. The initial investment will be very high. But you can expect really good returns from this fitness center business.

To start this business you need to invest a lot of money. However, this business is evergreen. This business can be set in an urban location.

You need to find a vendor who will provide you with all the necessary equipment needed for the fitness centre.


This business will be the best small scale business in usa you can enter into. If you select any small scale business to start then you must read 6 golden rules to start a profitable business in 2020.

We will update this article periodically. We are going add many actionable best small scale business in usa.

Bookmark this page and keep visiting us. Tell us which small scale business you liked most by Commenting Below or Feel free to ask anything in Comment Box.


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