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A Commitment To Being Ethical Is Important For Good Leadership!

A Commitment To Being Ethical Is Important For Good Leadership: Yes! It is very important to being ethical for good leadership. This is an ethical leadership article in which you will come to know lots of new concepts about ethical leadership.

These concepts about ethical leadership are going to help you throughout your life. No matter you’re leading a firm or your home. These concepts are evergreen to learn and super actionable to apply.

I want you to remember one thing that leadership is a skill that can be learned—no one born as a leader. Every single Leader, if you see his life, then you will realize. 

Due to certain conditions, they compel to become a leader by themselves. And they unlocked all hidden attributes of a good leader. 

So that leadership is a skill that can be learned, and commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership.

Lets deep dive into the topic!

Are you excited to be a good leader? 

Let’s get started!

What is ethical leadership, and why is it important?

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First of all, let us understand the basic layman’s definition of leadership. 

Whom do you call as a leader?

Man/woman who is standing in front of the people or audience and guiding them in the best direction. That direction will achieve everyone’s goals. 

Or you can define leadership as the man/woman who guides their followers in the best possible direction to get the desired outcome. This man/woman can be called a leader.

Nowadays, many leaders are just performing to get their desired results; then, they don’t care what methods are. Some might behave unethically to get the results.

Some leaders are just derailing from their true values and principle. Those values can shape them as a person. They may be feeling corrupted from inside after behaving against their principles.

Ethical Leader is the Leader who has a strong commitment towards keeping the limits of values while performing for the work he assigned. 

A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership because ethical leadership empowers loyalty as well as productivity.

That means under any circumstances, true ethical leaders never compromise with maintaining limits of these values. In the ethical leadership character of the person play a key role.

Because the character is the first foundation of ethical leadership, if a person let down his role because of any certain condition, then he might get a temporary feeling of fulfillment.

However, he will feel corrupted from inside. So that Leader’s character and his integrity are the primary foundation of ethical leadership.

A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership. Because being ethical will certainly ensure precise decision making.

There are leaders in all areas of society.

Read boat is the leader's boat is forward than two blue boats

If you closely observe. You will see leaders in all areas of society. All leaders may not necessarily be committed to being an ethical leader.

If an organization’s ethical leadership has nurtured, then it has long term benefits for that organization because it improves an organization’s culture as well as employee’s value combined with a higher level of ethical behavior.

And if an employee’s ethical values will get improve. Then all employees will work with their 100% honesty and loyalty.

Then ultimately, the organization’s overall performance will improve. And it will have higher bottom-line growth as compared to the previous year.

All employees start following the common vision of the firm. Thus they will boost their efforts to achieve the goals of the firm. Eventually, the firm will move fast towards its vision.

Examples of ethical leaders

Barak obama is in white shirt showing commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership.

A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership. Indeed, These are some of the examples of ethical leadership.

  • Ethical leaders are honest, and they have integrity.
  • These kinds of leaders have confidence.
  • Ethical leaders inspire others to take massive actions promptly.
  • They have commitment and passion for whatever they are doing.
  • These leaders can communicate properly in public.
  • Ethical leaders can make accurate decisions.
  • They hold accountability to someone they trust. So, later on, they come back and assess whether they have achieved or not.
  • They are expert in empowering others to think like a leader itself.

Benefits of ethical leadership

As ethical leaders should have knowledge as well as experience in that specific field to make fruitful decisions. Those leaders are strong ethical leaders who have moral integrity. 

Ethical leaders have the very good emotional intelligence that focuses on the achievement of the firm’s target.

As these leaders have a strong EQ. Therefore they usually focus on only discipline, productivity, self-control, time management, etc.

A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership so that they are strong believers in personal ethics and morals.

These are some benefits of ethical leadership

  • These kinds of leaders are usually best in their time management so that they perform with their 100% productivity.
  • As they are performing their 100% productivity means they make decisions promptly and accurately. It will help the organization to implement new strategies.
  • Ethical leaders are very good communicators so that they can easily communicate with their sub-ordinate and inspire them to work diligently.
  • These kinds of leaders never go beyond their moral values and preset ethics so that they create an atmosphere of ethical responsibility in the firm. It affects all overall employees mindset positively
  • Due to this firm’s bottom line will get improve.

A commitment to being ethical is vital for good leadership: 5 Principles of Ethical Leadership.

  1. Respect: They respect every single person they’re gonna meet in the day.
  2. Service: They believe in providing high-quality services to the customers they serve indirectly.
  3. Community: They love to be in the community and solve their problem with their creative mind.
  4. Justice: They can make accurate judgments in any situation.
  5. Honesty: They are super transparent with everyone they face. They are an honest person.


A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership. Because nowadays, ethics are becoming less relevant to make the company profitable.

Every Leader wants to make his firm at the top level so that some of them don’t follow any ethics and principles. And they do something that is against their moral value. It is a totally wrong idea to go beyond your moral values. 

Just have your ethic and values with you and showcase your indomitable leadership to the whole world.






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