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A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience! How to get it? (2020)

A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience: If you are worried about your job. Especially if you don’t have any experience. And how will you land your first job? If you are in confusion about a+ certification jobs with no experience, then you are in the right place.

In this post, you will get complete information and some actionable handful of tips on how to get a job with a+ certification jobs with no experience at all.

I would like to share my story, which may inspire you to not lose hope. I have been struggling for a job for many years, and I really had no experience at all.

And I was feeling doomed. I didn’t understand what to do with my life. I tried so many different fields, but I didn’t get the job.

Then once upon a time, I was just watching youtube. One video popped in front of my eyes. I think its title was like “A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience.”

I got shocked, and I clicked on it immediately. Then I started watching that youtube video. Further, I came to know about one exam, it was like the CompTIA A+ certification exam, and once I did qualify that exam.

Then I can get the job even without Experience. Then I started preparing for the exam. Once I qualified that exam. I got the a+ certification.

Now it’s time to find a job. I started looking for a job in IT companies. I struggled a lot. But finally, I got the job. Thankfully I am living a good life.

So that in this post, you will have complete knowledge about this CompTIA a+ certification exam. And how you can approach this exam.


Introduction of A+ Certification Exams

Girl wearing white dress reading about A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience

If you are a complete beginner to this a+ certification. Here I am especially focusing on the IT type certification. Then you are about to give your a+ exam because of its awesome starting point.

To get the dream job in the IT sector even without Experience.

Then you will get a bunch of questions that now what should I do with this a+ certification such as After getting a certification, can I get a job immediately? Or what types of jobs are available in this IT field after qualifying for this exam?

Basically, CompTIA A+ certification is just an entry-level exam certification. That means if you are willing to take entry in the IT sector, then this a+ certification exam is right for you.

If you have a look at it carefully, then you will feel that this is a very broad exam. It will check all of your knowledge in the computer field.

Knowledge, such as your understanding of the personal hardware of the computer. It will also check your knowledge of the operation system. It’s all basic such as how you are going to use a specified operating system. What is meant by an operating system, and it’s all fundamentals?

This exam will check your understanding of mobile devices. It will also check your knowledge of networking. Basically, it will check complete fundamental concepts related to computers and its hardware and its networking.

If you want a+ certification job with no experience, then you must need to qualify for this exam.

And if you qualify this a+ certification, then congratulations, you are qualified for getting your entry-level job in the IT sector.


Good Example of Entry Level IT Job

Girl wearing white dress reading about A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience

In this a+ certification exam, all your fundamentals are going to test in this exam. Very basic questions, but the in-depth questions are going to be asked in this exam.

The main purpose of asking this kind of exam is if you get the job of a help desk.

Yes! You heard me right, helpdesk is just an entry-level job, and you will get a+ certifications job with no experience after clearing this exam.

If you get this kind of job, then you might be responsible for the fixing of the computer. To fix the computer, you must know its fundamentals.


In the helpdesk job, you might be responsible for the live troubleshooting of computers. You may be given the role of fixing the operating system of the computer.

In this kind of job, you should know how to repair and fix the hardware parts of the computer.

I remember the first job of my life. It was IT-related. It was at a computer store, and you know what my work was. Replacing the operating system of the computer.

I had to fix the various software issues of the computer. I had to replace the video card. Sometimes my work was delivery of brand new personal computers to the customer.

Sometimes I did hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades, etc.

Believe me, A+ certification is completely fit for any of these roles. However, getting a job is a little bit different.

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My personal Experience

I see so many people who acquire four certificates, even five sometimes six certifications. But when they go and look for a job. Then they struggle to get a job.

I know what the reason behind it is. Always remind one thing that having the only certifications is not enough. You must have some formal education.

The formal education I mean to say is having a four years degree will add weightage in resume. Then you can go for an interview.

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In my case, I had done my engineering in the electrical field. And when I went for the interview, then I did show him I want this IT position.

Then I made it. I got the job. That’s how you should show the recruiter that you are the only best fit for this job. 


A+ Certification Jobs With No Experience is absolutely possible if you have a strong passion in the computer field. Then you can easily clear this CompTIA A+ certification exam.

And you will get a good rewarding job in the IT sector. Only you just need to clear the exam and then you should have to develop your soft skills. You should learn a convincing ability to convince HR. You should assure him that you are the best fit for this job.



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