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How to Deal With a Bully Boss (2020)

Bully boss is an entirely typical human being that we all face in our company. Imagine that you have an excellent idea for a project to solve a company problem or to innovate.  But your bully boss refuses to listen to it, closes the doors

Business Intelligence

How to start a career in Business Intelligence

Companies start looking for profiles that know how to open up to the changes that technology offers. Certainly, talents can be pioneers in new disciplines. The new technological era brings changes in all aspects of life, including the professions that originate from innovation. Also for

Girl is smiling in services showroom

How To Do Pricing of Products and Services?

Pricing of products and services can be a very important task. You need to understand it very carefully. You must be aware before deciding the pricing of your products. So that in this post we have shared some important quick, actionable FAQ on pricing so

How to generate income from a free solution?

The best ideas appear unexpectedly, but they do not always come with a clear implementation plan. But knowing how to generate income from this solution becomes the great doubt that prevents progress. This episode is part of our section What to do before embarking? because

Change ideas to improve your business

The change is part of the evolution of companies. Your business can not stay stagnant. It is necessary to change to improve and be up to the needs of our customers. Necessary change The Improve consultancy has identified four situations that merit the need for

How to price my products and services

How to price my products and services What is Pricing? it is the art and science of understanding how much a customer would be willing to pay for a product or service, trying to obtain the maximum possible profit margin of this one “. Should