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Monthly Archives: June 2019

How to start a career in Business Intelligence

Companies start looking for profiles that know how to open up to the changes that technology offers, with which talents are able to be pioneers in new disciplines The new technological era brings changes in all aspects of life, including the professions that originate from

The importance of Physical Education.

Physical education is important because at school age is the only time that the company is confident that the message about the importance of physical activity and the impact it will have on your health the rest of his life, arrives. Physical education is important


What is medical insurance (MI)? Medical insurance is a type of personal insurance that guarantees you in the event of an insured event to receive medical care and reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of medicines at the expense of the insurance company (this type

How to price my products and services

What is Pricing? it is the art and science of understanding how much a customer would be willing to pay for a product or service, trying to obtain the maximum possible profit margin of this one “. Should I put a price based on my

10 Business Ideas for Services

SERVICES BUSINESS There are all kinds of services available: professional services such as accountant, lawyer, architect, etc., information management services, personnel management services, etc. I want to offer you some service business ideas that are more focused on reality and demand: ideas-business-services 1. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

Gastronomic Business Ideas

1. The restaurant specialized in a specific niche If you think about opening a restaurant, you probably know that there are thousands of options already available in the market. Therefore, the number of competitors is very high (and distinguishing themselves from the others is not