20+ Brilliant Clever Business Ideas



Clever Business Ideas 1: A Different Cycling Helmet

business ideas A good cyclist helmet provides important safety for the rider. These helmets can prevent the driver from being seriously injured or killed in a possible accident. Despite all these benefits and safety, many drivers insist on driving without a helmet. Taking steps to overcome this insistence, the newly established company called Park & ​​Diamond aims to eliminate the prejudices and objections of cyclists against helmets.

Park & ​​Diamond Cycling Helmet, which was recently showcased on Indiegogo, stands out with its interesting features. Designed primarily to resemble a regular hat (baseball cap), the helmet claims to offer the same comfort. With this structure, it looks more natural than conventional helmets. By offering cyclists such an option that they can normally wear, it is aimed to ensure that they do not give up the helmets necessary for safe riding.


Clever business ideas 2: A Refrigerator That Runs Without Electricity

The Yuma 60L refrigerator, which can work without electricity, fan and air compressor, is an invention that can be very useful in camps, third world countries and disaster areas with energy shortages. Although it won’t be able to keep your drinks as cold as a normal refrigerator, Yuma 60L promises to keep the contents at a suitable temperature for you. Moreover, you do not need to use electricity while doing this work.

Saying that the Fenik Yuma refrigerator can store your food without using electricity or ice, the co-founder of the manufacturer Jeremy Fryer-Biggs states that the machine is delivered flat and can be set up like a tent in 20 seconds and made usable. Fryer-Biggs: “Thanks to its pre-installation state, the refrigerator can be easily transported. After the installation, you open the lid, put the food inside, and run the machine by adding water. The water absorbs the heat energy from the food inside the machine and evaporates through a smart material called PhasTek. This is the same method our body uses to cool itself. As a result, your food stays intact for longer. While Yuma can work wherever there is no excessive humidity, it can be compressed as desired and folded when necessary, saving space. 

Clever Business Ideas 3: A Smartphone App That Waters Home Plants

While a few plants are not difficult to care for, when the number of flowers and plants in the home rises above a certain point, making sure these buddies are constantly watered can be a challenge. Apart from the fact that each plant requires different amounts of water, the watering intervals of these creatures also differ. That’s why keeping track of when and how much plants are watered can be confusing at times.

This smartphone application called Dryp was developed to find a solution to the aforementioned problem. The app, which basically works as a reminder, was designed for people who constantly kill their plants at home because of neglect. After you enter all the plants in your home into the app, Dryp reminds you which plant to water and when, and lists the next watering times. The app also helps you identify and cure problems with your plants. The application, whose campaign was successful, will be offered to users on both Android and iOS platforms.


Clever Business Ideas 4: Ultra-Fast Toothbrush

Tired of brushing, cleaning, mouthwash and flossing rituals to keep your teeth clean, healthy and white? For a long time, the only advanced technology you’ve relied on for this demanding and demanding job has been your electric toothbrush. While electric toothbrushes are a step in the right direction, they still haven’t been able to take away this tedious and tiring job. What if there was a much shorter way to do the same job, to keep your teeth just as clean?

If you want the same thing, you might want to check out the fully automatic toothbrush EZ Toothbrush, which claims to do the necessary cleaning in just seconds. The device is a large mouth attachment with bristles on it. When you operate the device you place in your mouth, it starts cleaning your teeth with high-frequency vibration. Allegedly, the device only takes a few seconds to clean your teeth, and the quality of the work is nothing like a regular toothbrush.


Clever Business Ideas 5: Multi-Purpose Outdoor Quilt

Outdoor quilts, which are not very new, are produced by many companies in various sizes, shapes and features. However, the new Bobcat produced by Kammok manages to stand out with a few unique features. Unlike most duvets, Bobcat can be made into a state where you can either take it on and warm you up, or lay it on your hammock and lie on it comfortably, thanks to its fastening system.

“Designed to be versatile, the Bobcat is a quilt that you can use as a regular duvet, lay it under, or roll over,” the product creators wrote on their Kickstarter page. The quilt, which is light and heat-insulated, can be carried easily, is also waterproof and has features that will make you comfortable.


Clever Business Ideas 6: Innovative Headlamp

Whether you like camping or not, or if you rarely go out for a night jog, headlights provide invaluable convenience by illuminating the path you’re on without using your hands. On the other hand, these products, which are the equivalent of attaching a flashlight to your head, are often uncomfortable gadgets. For this reason, Biolite headlamps appear as a product that we cannot find. Lightly and thinly designed, the lighting is produced to ensure that it also provides sufficient light.

The first thing that stands out about Biolite is that it is designed for comfortable use. The headband, which is produced from a moisture-absorbing material, contains electronic parts within the fabric weave in order to prevent bulkiness. While many overhead lights concentrate the weight in one place and allow the instrument to slip and fall easily, Biolite has chosen a balanced distribution path by positioning the battery behind the head. Biolite has options such as red light, strobe light and white light, as well as short and wide and long and narrow styles in two light colors. With 330 lumen light power, Biolite can last up to 40 hours on a single charge when operated at the lowest level.



Brilliant Business Ideas 7: Smartphone Stabilizer Ring

As smartphone cameras have evolved, movie buffs have started using them professionally. In fact, an iPhone was used in the production of the movie “Tangerine”, which was shot in 2015. For the movie industry, shaking cameras mean big trouble. To solve this problem, we come across Atom, a 3-axis smartphone balance ring. For those who have not heard of the balance ring before, to explain; This apparatus, also called gimbal, is used to move the camera without shaking and shaking. Atom is a gimbal with very small dimensions, befitting its name. Moreover, thanks to its foldable structure, it is easy to carry.

The Atom can carry up to 310 grams, which means you can attach lenses to your smartphone. The weight of the tool itself is only 440 grams. In this way, anyone can easily use Atom without getting tired. In addition, it is possible to find devices for smartphone cameras with many different functions other than Atom in the market.


Clever Business Ideas 8: Origami Canoe

What’s better than origami is that you can open up to water with the origami you make. You can now do this with Haven canoe, the latest innovation of Oru Kano company. You can also take one more with you. Oru company’s previous product was a similarly foldable canoe that fits easily in your arc. The canoe this time is made of polymer, a lightweight and durable material, and can carry up to 227 kilograms despite weighing just 18 kilograms. The Haven was also designed to seat two adults.

Offering ease of use with its stylish and lightweight design, Haven can be used alone, or you can make the necessary adjustments and turn it into a high-performance single-person canoe. If you have a more relaxed and comfortable ride in mind, Haven can also offer you accessories such as fishing rods or cup holders.


Clever Business Ideas 9: Smart Switch

It’s frustrating not being able to remember whether you locked the door or not. In this situation that happens to all of us, you either have to go home and check the door, or you have to spend all day nervous with the feeling that thieves are in your house. What if there was a solution to this? A device that tells you whether your doors are locked or not, wouldn’t it be so useless?

Technically, it is possible to find smart locks with Internet connection that do this job through the Internet of Things. The trouble is that these locks require a tedious installation process. SureKey, on the other hand, requires no installation other than attaching a plastic part with a sensor to your key. SureKey, which took over after, fulfills its task thanks to the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer inside.


Clever Business Ideas 10 : Customizable Electric Bicycle

It is possible to find electric bikes of all types, shapes and features these days. The fact that the technology needed for the production of electric bicycles has advanced greatly in recent years has made it easier for everyone to find a product they want. On the other hand, no matter how advanced bicycle technology is, very few electric bicycles allow you to modify and customize it as you wish.

Sterka M1 wants to change this situation. Rather than placing all the parts for the hard-to-reach skeleton, the designers made the M1 workable. With the Allen key and a few screwdrivers, you can completely disassemble the bike and arrange it the way you want. If you want to install a bigger battery or a more powerful motor, your only obstacle is a few bolts you have to remove.


Brilliant Business Ideas 11 : Wearable Bionic Chair

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit on a chair that pops up and rest every time you get tired? In fact, what if this chair was the most ergonomic chair you have ever come across and offered you the most suitable sitting position for your posture? Launching a new campaign on Kickstarter, the company’s Lex product, which can be worn and turned into a chair, set out with these claims.

Ads by optAd360Don Plooksawasdi, one of Lex’s creators, says, “Maintaining your posture, reducing the burden on your shoulders and resting your body whenever you can, opens the door to a better quality of life,” and recommends Lex for those who find it difficult to do this in the midst of daily hustle and bustle.

Weighing only 1 kilogram, you can move or even jump comfortably while driving the Lex. You use 3 straps for Lex, which is attached to your body like a belt. When the wearable chair is folded, it becomes difficult to notice from the outside.

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Brilliant Business Ideas 12: Child Toilet Training Assistant

No one wants to go to the bathroom and see that the target is not met. Every time parents or relatives of patients go to the toilet, they have to clean up the mess of those who went before them. Developed as a solution to this annoying problem, WhizBang makes every toilet experience a game. The device, which is compatible with every toilet bowl, can be mounted simply. Behind the installation, WhizBang creates a target board with LED lighting. The target not only helps kids do their job properly, but also means a cleaner restroom for everyone else. Although the device does not turn your toilet into a technological smart toilet, it does its part well.

When the person entering the toilet hits the target, it is celebrated with fun game music and encouraged to continue in the same way. On the other hand, unfortunately, the device does not offer you a real game. So the score is not kept or the winner and loser are not determined. Yet the simple version can be more productive as it gets so contentious it can also result in people trying to pay more for water all day.


Clever Business Ideas 13: Shower Speaker That Works With Amazon’s Alexa

Activated by voice command, the Aqua Dew speaker works similarly to Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. By giving a command, you can have the speaker read the news, control smart home systems, make calls and send messages, or call out to other rooms. Aqua Dew’s IPX5 waterproof feature provides full protection against water cannons from any angle. In other words, try not to drop this device, which you can use in the shower without any problems, into the bathtub.

Aqua Dew, which you can use on the table, can also be hung on the wall or on the door handle, thanks to the hanging apparatus that comes with it. Aqua Dew supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to the on-off, volume and mute buttons, the WPS button, which allows secure Wi-Fi connection, is also positioned on the device. The two-hole remote sound-detecting microphone is located on Aqua Dew, along with 6 different colored LED lights.


Clever Business Ideas 14: Snow Skiing

Snowfeet looks like a big boat at first glance. On the other hand, when attention is paid, the resemblance of the straps to the ski straps stands out. These ties are suitable for neatly securing any shoe boots or even snow boots. In fact, its expandable structure makes the product suitable for larger foot sizes.

Snowfeet also has metal ski edges on both sides of the insoles. Thanks to these borders, the user can easily slide on snow and ice. The brakes in the heel section, which are used for slowing down and stopping, provide both speed control and avoidance of obstacles. And since the Snow Feet is much smaller than any other ski on the market, it offers easy transport.

Combining skating and skiing activities, Snowfeet offers a brand new control and performance experience for its user. The claim of its creators, with Snowfeet, you will be able to do not only rock but also jump and other ski tricks more easily.


Clever Business Ideas 15: Illuminated Biker Jacket

Leather biker jackets are useful clothes that prevent drivers from getting injured in accidents and getting cold in cold weather. But the most popular dark jackets have an understandable downside: They minimize bikers’ visibility in the dark. It is hoped that this situation, which poses a serious security risk, will be eliminated with this new campaign launched on Kickstarter. Illuminated biker jackets produced by the French company Raylier make the driver visible with the help of LED strips. The system is turned on and off with a button on the jacket.

The goal is to reduce the fatality rate among bikers, who are involved in 18 percent of crashes. Because 60 percent of these accidents occur due to low visibility. Baptiste Rosay, co-founder of Raylier company, said, “Thanks to the jacket we produce, we will increase driver visibility and prevent accidents and loss of life. Besides visibility, we also improve communication on the road. Thanks to the warning mode, the lights that turn on and off further increase visibility in risky situations. Thanks to the accelerometer on the jacket, the taillights are automatically activated and strengthen the rear lights, indicating that the driver is at a standstill.” He described his projects with his words.


Clever Business Ideas 15: Waterproof Insulated Jacket

Insulated jackets are generally divided into two; jackets using traditional fabrics and jackets using synthetics. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example; Made with traditional fabric, the jackets are very light, warm and compressible. On the other hand, these jackets are useless against humidity. When wet, it loses many of its properties. Conversely, although jackets produced with synthetic material are highly resistant to water, they do not provide sufficient insulation and are not likely to be compressed. In the past, you had to choose one of these two options. Fortunately, that’s about to change, thanks to a new venture in the US state of Utah. A company called Outdoor Vitals has found a middle ground that can make everyone happy.

Hollow polyester insulation LoftTek, consisting of very small fibers, can successfully insulate heat. Although the material sent to the international fabric testing laboratory scores slightly lower than a quality insulation fabric, it stands out by carrying all the benefits of synthetic material. Fibers coated with silicone cause water to flow over the fabric instead of absorbing it when it encounters water.


Clever Business Ideas 16: Overalls for Airplane Journeys

If you travel frequently by plane, this project may interest you. Produced with the logic of a baby sleeping bag, this jumpsuit may be the most comfortable outfit you can wear on flights. Even if it looks nothing different from the outside, this outfit, which contains many smart features and successful designs, guarantees your comfort both at the airport and on the plane.

Its hood, which has a stylish design, prevents light from coming into your eyes when you want to sleep, and can also be used as a pillow thanks to its fully closed and even inflatable structure. For your neck, there is also an inflatable neck pillow inside the collar. There are numerous pockets on the dress. Two of these pockets can be separated from the clothing when desired, allowing you to relax during the security control. The suit, which has a design that allows you to use your headphones, has a back zipper that will make your work easier when you need to go to the toilet. So pretty much everything has been thought of.


Brilliant Business Ideas 17: Virtual Reality Training Can Make Paths Safer


Virtual reality videos will be used to provide driving safety training to drivers.

FrancisKodak Design Lab, based in England and Hungary, prepared road safety training in a virtual reality environment for drivers . The product named “Another Set of Eyes (ANET360)” combines traditional driving training methods with virtual reality technology to provide superior safe driving skills training.

ANET360 trains students using real-life situations and hypothetical scenarios. Wearing virtual reality equipment, students are immersed in a full 360-degree experience. The training program can progress through scenarios that each driver may encounter, or it can be changed according to the wishes of the customer. Thanks to the training, the reaction times of the drivers increase by 20 percent and the training costs are reduced by half.

Utilizing machine learning technology, the program also records the driver’s reactions in numerous scenarios. After analyzing this collected data, it is possible to have information about the reactions of the drivers and their decision-making mechanisms. According to the manufacturer, the information obtained may serve to increase safety on the roads.


Brilliant Business Ideas 18: UK’s Sensors Could Solve Parking Problems

These fine-grained sensors could change the way people park their cars in cities.

UK-based Nwave’s smart sensors can make the job of parking more efficient by taking advantage of the internet of things technology. The sensor, about the size of a coin, gets stuck in the parking lot. Thanks to these sensors, which have the ability to communicate with many different applications, drivers can easily find parking spaces via their smartphones. The Nwave company stated that it completed the assembly of two thousand sensors in two years. These sensors are being used in some cities, including London.

Sensors, which send information to the server in real time, allow drivers to regulate their movements according to this information. Thanks to the three different sensors used and their complex algorithms, the company claims that these sensors are ten times more successful than their competitors in the market. Thanks to their battery life of up to ten years, these sensors have no problems with continuity.


Brilliant Business Ideas 19: A Way for Tourists to Find Toilets Easily

Four students from Israel developed a method for tourists to find toilets easily. Young people came up with this idea after a touristic trip to Europe, realizing that they wasted a lot of time looking for a toilet. Their ideas are pretty simple. With the list called P-pass, which they can have for a small fee, tourists will be able to find bars, restaurants and shops where they can use their washrooms even if they are not customers.

The application, which started to be tested in the first month of this year, has listed some regions of Tel Aviv. The second trial will be published in March, along with the website showing the available toilets and directions. The third and biggest test will be trained for the 64th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv and will be used via the smartphone application.

It is thought that this application will turn an normally awkward situation into a profit for businesses.


One of the former executives of Google rolled up his sleeves to make it easier to post videos on social media.

The aim of the initiative called StayTuned is to allow easier video sharing in the virtual world. The value of videos has started to increase not only for publishers but also for companies. But Serge Kassardjian, a former Google executive and CEO of StayTuned, finds that controlling various streaming platforms can become a tedious task. Predicting which video will be more efficient on which platform is another matter.

StayTuned makes it easier for users to stream videos on all platforms, including Instagram, video apps and apps like Netflix. Moreover, the application organizes users’ videos according to the platform to be broadcast. The purpose of StayTuned is to reach more people with the videos of the users and to provide more effective video usage by analyzing the results. Its founders state that this initiative is suitable for everyone, from huge sports clubs to small businesses.

The concept, which was introduced last February, managed to collect 2.5 million dollars of investment. StayTuned, whose beta version is expected to be released in the coming months, was implemented by Serge Kassardjian and Randy Jimenez.


Brilliant Business Ideas 21: The App That Allows Prisoners to Communicate with Family and Friends

This secure app, along with affordable phone and email service, reunites inmates in the United States with their families and friends.

The next-generation smartphone application will challenge the communications system of the United States prison system. 3 apps developed by ex-prisoners provide better and cheaper services to the 2.3 million people already behind bars in the country.

Although the application is similar to Instagram and other popular applications, it was developed only with the needs of people in prison in mind and is offered with affordable phone and e-mail service. Prisoners are generally able to safely use telephone and e-mail services. But for these two old technologies, high wages are demanded from everyone, including inmates whose earnings are too low.

With the application called Pigeonly (named after the “pigeon” meaning pigeons used in the First and Second World Wars), people can send photos to the Pigeonly service via their phones. The service then forwards these photos to the prisoners via the postal service. The app called FlikShop does a similar task, but in postcard format. InmateAid, on the other hand, offers secure Internet service to inmates at the price of local Internet service.

In addition to these applications, applications such as JPay, which allows families to send money to inmates and purchase permitted tablets and similar products, are among the technologies used to improve prison life.


Clever Business Ideas 22: You Can Stay Healthier and Thirst-Free with Smart Bottles

Using Bluetooth technology, this bottle lets you know if you’re drinking enough water. The startup, which was launched in Belgium, offers you the opportunity to monitor the amount of water you drink with the smart bottle it produces. The bottle and the accompanying smartphone app are an indication of how technology can have beneficial effects on health. The bottle named My_SmartBottle shows you the amount of water you drink instantly with the help of the sensors inside. Moreover, it is possible to put any beverage you want in this bottle and use it. The bottle uses Bluetooth technology to send the data to the app on your mobile phone. The application also monitors the amount of water you drink and warns you to drink less or more water. The application also stores the mineral, antioxidant and similar values ​​you receive.

The company, which started production in limited numbers, will put the smart bottle into mass production in the autumn of this year. The campaign of My_SmartBottle, which has already raised funds on the Indiegogo site, will end in April.


Clever Business Ideas 23: Smart Lights Can Produce More Nutritious, Better-Tasting Vegetables

Thanks to machine learning technology and advanced lighting, food can be grown faster naturally.

Founded in London, the capital of England, the initiative called IoT Stars allows everyone to grow high quality vegetables at home by using machine learning technology and smart LED lights. The Crop IQ device will help you grow quality products with smart LED lights that you can use on the counter in the kitchen. For example, when you want to grow basil, you click on this option in the smartphone application and Crop IQ automatically adjusts the LED lights to affect all the developmental stages of the plant.

Plants respond to light through proteins in their leaves called photoreceptors. These photoreceptors influence the production of amino acids and other chemical compounds and impart properties such as nutrition and taste. For homegrown plants, Crop IQ contributes not only to growth rate but also to flavor, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant properties. With the light length, you can grow plants suitable for the taste you want.

People who have no knowledge about agriculture will be able to easily grow the vegetables they want, thanks to this device and the application used with it. The French engineer Michael Setton, who originally produced the device for himself, later started to make it for his friends and the project grew.

The light spectrum the device controls affects the flavor and nutritiveness of herbs in a chemical reaction-like way called the Maillard reaction, which causes food to darken during cooking.

Setton says, that the process of adjusting the light is constantly changing as the plant grows, akin to adjusting the temperature of the oven every minute of cooking to get the most perfect taste. The company, which started collecting investments through its website and Investors platform, will start taking orders for Crop IQ in May and will deliver in the first months of 2020.


Brilliant Business Ideas Idea 24: Dutch Firm Uses Artificial Intelligence to Measure Homes’ Value Accurately and Quickly

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the real estate market is becoming more transparent.

The Dutch startup GeoPhy has started to use artificial intelligence technology to measure the value of houses more accurately and quickly. The algorithm used analyzes thousands of bits of data and calculates values. The data is obtained using satellite imagery, millions of property records, sales history, and relationships between price and demographics, as well as public and private sources.

The platform also draws on unconventional data such as the surrounding independent cafes, the crime rate in the area and the amount of green space. Moreover, this system even incorporates user points given to nearby businesses into its algorithm.

GeoPhy, which has currently collected 33 million dollars of investment. aims to develop further and offer a wide range of services in the future. The company currently has offices in Lithuania, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Brilliant Clever Business Ideas 25: A Smartphone App That Turns Ordinary Customers Into Models


Targeting the 4.88 trillion dollar online market, the smartphone application allows users to try on clothes in a virtual environment.

Founded in England, the startup called Super personal offers its users the opportunity to try on clothes. In a virtual environment through the smartphone application it created. Users provide basic information such as gender, height and weight to the app. The app then records the user’s head movements. The virtual persona created with this limited data is modeling for clothes.

The app, which is still in development, was tested at London Fashion Week in February. Hanger’s designs were shown with virtual models.

The company also developed a commercial version of the product for use in stores. This version will be used by the stores to provide their customers with a special and personal shopping experience.


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